Which one do you think is a better place SJSU or UC for a student that haven’t taken any art classes in HS. I wanna learn more and more about ID. I have heard the bad reputation about SJSU, but I think ppl like Mr. Migu(something) will make students be more serious and passionate about what they are doing, but I dunno if a person like me with the lack of skills will be able to succeed. However, maybe going to an art school such as SCAD or RISD to get a BFA ID (I will gain skills to compete?) and then transfer to an university like UC for my MA ID. IMO, only studying art you won’t be able to make it so far in this world. That’s why I also want to have the opportunity to take classes such as mechanical engineer, marketing and others. By saying that, should I then first go to an university to get an BS/BA ID and take extra classes. Or should I first focus in building my skills in an art school obtain my BFA ID and then go to an university for my MA ID?

Another question: what does RISD and SCAD focused more in Industrial Design? I heard RISD isn’t a good place for design of gadgets or tech projects. What is RISD good for then?

I’m sorry for my nasty grammar…I have been reading this board for almost 3 hours X_______X, but I have learned a lot. Thank you guys.

SJSU and UC are excellent choices. You shouldn’t let the more artistic bent of UC scare you away from the program.

I’m not too familiar with SCAD, but RISD has a BID as well as a BFA ID, and they are also committed to providing well rounded educations (they offer lots of liberal arts classes, and you are able to take undergrad classes at Brown, which is located on the same hill and is an excellent school.)

If you just want to get better at drawing, RISD isn’t he best choice. You will get better, but RISD quite expensive, and there are more financially reasonable alternatives if you just want to get better at drawing. Most universities have art practice classes, or you could look into taking classes at a community college, or night/summer classes at a local art & design school. If you’re going to go to college next fall, I suggest taking summer art classes somewhere good, local and inexpensive.

Thank you for replaying! I’m starting to like what I read about UC’s co-op program. I guess I’ll be applying to UC as my top 1, SJSU and RISD. I hope one of them accepts me.

As for drawing I really need to start practicing more and taking classes. Thank you for your recommendations.

I’m currently at UC in ID. I wouldn’t worry to much about not being that great at drawing. I know plenty of people who weren’t that great when they entered, myself included. You do so much of it you will get better its that simple. Read through tutorials online and get your perspective down and you should be good to go. I’m going to be going on my first co-op next quarter, It is the reason most people go to UC. It is a great experience. Good luck.