my school list

hey :slight_smile: well umm…

i keep on reading these discussions and i find it very useful but confusing at the same time.

i am going to apply to schools as an international student from europe. i have a high GPA, i love maths and physics and i’m really good at them. people also say that i am a talented artist and that i’m creative. I want to study ID.

i want to go to the best school possible, i know that there isnt a “best school”, and i really searched and tried to come up w/ a good list. here is my list, my first choice is either RISD or CMU.

So, here is my list:

Carnegie Mellon
MASS Coll of Art
U Michigan

I’d be SOOO thankful and happy if you comment on my list.


ps: Also, if i go to CMU i will minor in industrial engineering or business cause i love those subjects as well. Are there any other schools which have a good ID program and you can also study something else?

If you want to minor in engineering (not sure how you do that) or business why are you looking at art schools?

the best school in the US - Art Center - it is the Harvard of ID - if you get in and can graduate, you can write your own ticket - God bless America!

Carnegie Mellon and RIT are both big engineering schools, so I’m sure you coul minor in industrial engineering (or something close to it) at those schools as well.

Picking a school for the engineering aspect at the expense of the ID program (the case against RIT) sounds like a recipe for becoming a CAD designer/engineer.

i dont care if i go to an art school or not, i love all sides of design. i went to the summer schools of both risd and cmu. I loved them both. so, i actually know that the type of school that i go to doesnt really matter.

I looked into RISD into doing what you are thinking, ID education with some coursework in engineering. RISD sells students with the cross-registration possibilities with Brown. The scheduling and course options doesn’t work out the way you might think. I ended up transfering out.