Advice from ID pros....

Got into Cleveland, SCAD, Mass Art… which gives me the best opportunity in the real world when I am done… I need to make a decision, I have reasons to attend all of them but would like some insight from an ID professional as to which school would have helped them the most could they do it over…

Thanks for all your help on this board it has been a lifesaver for a high school senior…

your not going to like this but: it depends.

if youv’e read all the various advisings/rantings you’ll know that it’s what you put into it that matters most of all.
That said, define as best you can what kind of work you’d like to do afterwards or where you’d like to end up living and pick one that way.
Mass Art could lend itself to lots of internships in Boston - but you’d have to hustle them up yourself.
Cleveland has had a lot of sucess lately in all the categories, and is the best one if you land on transportation.
SCAD’s good too - the south seems to be where the jobs are headed.

So it doesn’t matter where I go… its all about talent? There must be a school that really makes a difference… like Harvard Business school… where would I get the most “looks” just based on my diploma ? Are there companies out there that say they would recruit more from one school thatn another?? Even in the regular liberal arts world there are some schools that seem to have more well prepared students… is it the same in the art world??

From what I’ve always been told its all about your portfolio. The highest recomended school is probably Art Center but if you don’t learn any skills it’s not like an employer going to say “Well his sketching isn’t that great and his portfolio is kinda bad…but dammnit he went to Art Center lets hire him right away!!!” Nope not gonna happen. I’d look into Cleveland if it was me. They seem like there’s alot of buzz about the school lately. I go to CCAD and I like the program (except I wish we had more sketching emphasis) but from what I understand every school has strengths and weaknesses.

its a very simple decision… go to Cleveland.

Sorry to hijack the thread, but doesn’t Cleveland have a strong medical devices area? Something with Case Western perhaps?

yea, Cleveland.

But, you said there were reasons to attend all of them - so you should not take our word for what’s best. I tried to list some reseaons, but where you will produce your best portfolio and have the most opportunities to get an internship or co-op (and that is very, very important to your education) is entirely up to you.

…DAAP has year-round collaborative studios with BioMedical Engineering students, is that what you meant?

I did an exchange semester at Cleveland (back in 1997…) and I loved it there.


I recently saw a presentation by the director of their ID program. He came from Altitude specifically because he wanted to help better equip students with what they needed to be professional designers. This sounds like a match for what you’re seeking.