SJSU, UC, Academy of Art

I am currently attending NC State University as a sophomore and I am going to apply to the NC State College of Design (ID) this fall. I really want to have the best education possible, but my parents have my college career on a budget. I have heard that University of Cincinatti, SJSU, and Academy of Art are very good industrial design schools and I am going to apply to them, but I dont know if I can afford them. Which one of them is the best for the money and also reasonably priced? And, are there any other schools I should look into. Thanks a lot.

What state are you from? UC is very reasonable when you’re from Ohio, I don’t know what it’s like if you’re not.

No SJSU, stay away from that Crazy Migurski.

Bah… Don’t live in Ohio, so its probably pretty expensive. Why not SJSU? (just curious) I’ve heard it has a good ID program, but I’m not to sure.

I was looking at the cost online today, and it’s about $8000 a quarter for out of state, just fyi.


Funny, someone should start another thread about that professor.

He’s now the head of the program at SJSU. Brilliant eh?

Cali SU’s don’t want more students these days - they are overflowing with applications, and are low on space and money. This guy is a filter - he keeps anyone (who isn’t willing to go through one of the worst educational experiences around to gain a diploma) off the roster.

Don’t blame him, blame the fact that the management at SJSU is impotent to make appropriate changes.

just for info :arrow_right:

I know that they have an extablished co-op program at UC , that, as an added benefit to helping you obtain invaluable industry experience, helps defray the cost of tuition (first hand experience - I am an out-of-state student there).

Most schools need 1 year residence, but I think Ohio gives you the in-state tuition if you’ve lived+worked full-time in state for 6 months…perhaps you could get a place in Cincy, save up some cash while applying for the transfer?

nobody special- what is the acceptance rate at Cincinnati? I would definitely do that if i knew i were to get into the program…Any advice?

1st: let me say that NCState has a well respected and established program. Their Center for Universal Design can offer you a unique opportunity to gain specialized knowledge and skills. You could easliy pay back any student loans by just staying put and being comitted to your design education.

2ndly:Univesities take a dim view of people trying to skirt the rules and pay less than required. And this strategy is highly irregular, and not without risk.

That bieng said: it has worked. BUT You have to ask yourself if you would be willing to pay out-of-state if it didn’t work? Would you be willing to repeat a freshman year if they decide you need an entire art/design foundation?

  1. Move to anywhere in your state of choice.
  2. get a full time job, drivers licence, bank account, etc
  3. do as much drawing as possible (if you havent had any at NCS, take an evening class at a community college)
  4. In the spring talk to the department about starting up - they may require some sort of summer foundations crash-course (almost every program has one)
  5. Fall - start as sophomore at in-state-tuition.

You can save ($12K/yr at UC) - but try not to think in the short term!!

Decide on what kind of career you want, (corporate/conlultant or sub-specialty like: automotive, game, furniture) and choose the best schools and apply there!!

Nobody Special- Thanks a lot. I definitely appreciate your advice. I will consider all of it when applying to schools this fall. Could I have your email address in case I have more questions?
Thanks again,


I doubt I can be of much more help, but I have a couple more specifics that may be valuable.

You have two hurdles: general in-state admission to UC and specific admission to the School of Design.

1st: since the rules apply state wide begin by finding out what kind of red-tape your facing by calling other schools. Call up Miami-Ohio and ask about in-state status. Some states require you to gain ‘independance’ or proof of no financial aid from mom+dad. Do the same at Kent and OSU.
Call first thing in the mornings and remember secretaries know everything and everybody and are going to provide more valuable info than beurocrats. Ask lots of questions. You’ll need to convince UC your a ‘returning’ student and not a transfer.

2nd: Talk in person to someone in the CCAD + OSU ID department about your portfolio and where they would see you fitting into their department. Make all your mistakes talking to people who don’t matter to your actual goal.

When you go to UC give them a reason to believe. Say your specifically interested in things not offered by NCS. Continue sketching during the meantime concentrate half your work on something specific like toy,trans, furniture etc… show more commitment to ID than you’ve demonstrated by going through these backflips getting it in-state.

finally, a small cash strapped school’s art department may admitt you in-state without looking to closely - and then transfer. But as before, don’t let financials determine your educational options.

Best of luck -

Thanks again. I did call Kent University…They said it is 12 months for their school. I did find this on the University of Cincinnati Website:

Should I call UC and ask about this?

What is E(1) Conditional Residency?[/u]
Conditional Residency allows an individual who is living in Ohio and is employed on a full-time or part-time and self-sustaining basis in Ohio to enroll as an in-state student for part-time studies, regardless of how long the individual has lived here. Conditional Residents must be able to demonstrate that they are self-supporting solely on their current employment income. All income must be subject to Ohio taxation also. For example, if a person is working as a waitor, their tip income must be documented on a pay stub and subject to taxation to be eligible. In determining whether or not a student qualifies for Conditional Residency, financial aid, savings, or other sources of income (i.e. VA benefits, social security) cannot be considered as income contributing to a student’s self-supporting status, but can be used over and above the amount necessary to meet expenses. Conditional Residents may not register for more than 11 hours(undergraduate) or 9hours (graduate), or they will be billed as a non-resident for all hours. See E(1) Residency under Exceptions for Residency on how to apply for this type of residency. Students must apply for E-1 residency every quarter.

Maybe I am trying to get something for nothing?

UC Instate Tuition Terms:
Will I automatically become a resident for tuition purposes once I have lived in Ohio for a year?
No. Any student who has been classified as a non-resident must apply for reclassification as a resident. Even if you are a Conditional Resident, you must apply if you want to be reviewed for regular residency once you have been in Ohio for 12 months.

My options for UC:
Part time student for a year…then go Full time at UC… hmm…Or just pay the Whopping 30k + for out of state tuition at UC.

Other options? -stay here at NCState?
-Go to a really expensive school (UC, Savannah, etc…)

Main goal: Good Education
-I dont care about student loans.