ID Schools In California

I need advice! I have a BA in History (yeah, I know… that doesn’t do much for me!) I want to study ID. I want to live in CA. So… my questions are…
Do I apply for a Graduate Program or jsut a second BA? What are the pros and cons? Am I even likely to get in with such a weak background in design? And… what do you all know about CA schoools? I am looking into: Acadmeny of Art (San Fran), Art Center College of Design (Pasadena), California College of Arts and Crafts (San Fran), California State Univ (Long Beach), San Franciso State University, and San Jose State University. PLEASE HELP! Thanks!

Lots of ID people come from very random backgrounds, so don’t fret about that. Where in California do you want to live? It’s a big state with 2 vastly different cultures aka. NorCal v. SoCal. There are some excellent ID schools here – Art Center in Pasadena is fantastic, and the Acad. of Art in SF is good too. If you want a big University Experience, go to SFSU or SJSU, I’m not sure that their reputations are that good, but I know a few graduates of both who seem happy and have jobs in ID at good studios. You’d probably be best to try to get into a master’s program. Half of a BA at a lot of schools is basically the same core curriculum, which I’m sure you’ve done in your history studies eg. Gen Ed Reqs. You should have a portfolio for an MA program though. I’m sure if you write to the schools themselves they can give you a clearer idea of what they’re looking for. Good luck! You can also check IDSA’s website for info on the quality of the schools: