Post Interview Communications?

In the case that an employer has conducted a phone interview, and then flown out the designer to site for an in-person interview, would it impress the employer or annoy the employer if the designer called them once a week to check up after the interview?

I’m currently in this situation as the job seeking designer, and I followed up mine with a thank-you email and thank-you message on the voicemail already. The employer told me they are looking to decide within a couple weeks, and it has been a week since my messages and about 9 days since the interview.

From a job hunter’s perspective, I really want this job, and every day I wait for an answer I think up a new reason why I should get the job, along with a new reason why the employer would choose somebody else. I’m very tempted to make another phone call just to check in, give another thank you, and add a couple of words of why I am the right designer for the job.

Would you advise for or against this course of action? Any other advice? Thank you!!!

patients is a virtue, and when you want the job, the company will never move at the speed you want.

if they say 2 weeks. and you have already sent a thank you email, along with a follow up message i would hold off till at least the 3 week mark…

I’d wait another 5 days at least. Think of it this way, they met you, they have seen your work, you have followed up so they know you want it… what purpose would another call have other than annoying them? I find the best way to solve for this kind of anxiety (I get it, it’s natural) it to apply for other jobs. Get a few more irons in the fire so all of your emotional energy is not attached to this working or not… and if you get an offer from another company before you hear back you follow up with a “Hi, just wanted to let you know I received an offer from your competitor. I’d prefer to work with you, but I need to give them an answer” . When I interviewed at Nike I already had offered from three of their competitors… I had an offer from the swoosh within 48 hours of leaving. Companies are competitive.

Thank you cwatkinson and yo, good advice! I’ll keep moving in other ways, as yo described, that is awesome how you landed Nike. :slight_smile: