The waiting game...

I’ve applied to a couple of positions with good referrals from people high up inside the company, and now I’m waiting…and trying to curb my anxiety.

Certainly it hasn’t been weeks, but rather a few days. But how soon should you expect to hear “something” regarding your application assuming they liked what they saw?

How long have any of your waited after applying for an open position before hearing back? Specifically, hearing back to talk further or set up an interview?


Whats the thing about how the wise job searcher follows up or calls people, while the unwise searcher sits by the phone waiting for it not to ring or something.

If you think its been too long, which you aparently do, ask them.

Yes, certainly I am keen on following up. Is following up via email sufficient? These days many companies don’t have phone contact information. Email tends to be a very passive form of communication

My original question was more about when it is customary to hear from an employer after submitting your work to them. I’m going to go ahead and assume it is to vague of a question to answer as it certainly would vary with the company in question and the person applying. So ignore that, I suppose.

I was more trying to give myself piece of mind while I wait.

Thanks for the input.

no I understand the need for peace of mind, COMPLETELY, lol. Email is crappy, I’ve noticed that the larger the company, the more likely they are to get back to you on a friday after noon, if at all. Like I emailed a guy at Target once about something, and I feel like usually responded at like 3:30 on fridays.