Following up..

Hello All,

I was wondering if it would br appropriate to call up a company to follow up on an application that was submitted for a position (assuming they didn’t note “please no calls” of course). sometimes, it feels like I’m throwing my resume in a back hole. I never hear anything back; not even a “thank you” or “we’'ll let you know”…any suggestions?

Thanks guys

Obviously, this will depend on the type of company you’re applying to and your specific situation. Is it a small/mid-sized consultancy, or a large HR department within a bigger corporation? I can only offer my experience in the former.

I’d say there’s a certain percentage of no answer simply because people are busy and hiring isn’t as high a priority as delivering design work for clients. There might be interest in a candidate, and they’re portfolio is sent around or kept somewhere on a list—but still, it might be a few weeks or months before we dig a name up and ask about an interview.

The more probable reason is just that the fit isn’t there—either the work isn’t a good match, or the person’s availability or level isn’t what the firm needs. With many firms in the states, they won’t have time to send out ‘no thank you’ to the applications that aren’t a fit.

There’s no clear way to tell, but I’d say be both patient with the employer, and brutally honest with yourself about how good a fit you are for that company. Your best bet would be to give them a month and then send a light, brief note (don’t call) asking if the position has been filled.

Yes. Follow up.

Even with a “I hope you received my last email… Really looking forward to hearing from you”

Shows you’re keen, and can follow up and complete things. You have to do the same thing in practice with suppliers, managers and co-workers so get used to it.

For my current job, it was unadvertised and we went back and forth for about 5 emails before I came in for an interview.

What about following up multiple times?

I interviewed with a company about a month ago, followed at 2.5 weeks (they said they would be in touch at 2 weeks) and they said they will let me know soon.

Would following up at 4.5-5 weeks be appropriate, or is the ball in their court at this point?

I would still follow up. What’s the worst they’re going to do, not answer you or give you a job?

My current job took a lot of e-mails, follow ups, and back and forth to try and get information. Managers got busy, HR people didn’t make calls, people went on vacation (summer time).

A simple “Just checking in if there is any more info or if the position has been filled” is fine.

If you don’t ask, the answer will always be no. At least if you ask, there’s a 0.0001% chance you’ll get an answer. As said previously, people are as forgetful as you are; sometimes they’re busy, sometimes hiring isn’t their priority, sometimes things get lost. Point is, there could be many legitimate reasons for not contacting you so it’s worth a shot.

What’s the worst that can happen? They’ll say no and now you’ll have “closure”. I can’t recall of anyone who ever said “I was about to give this guy a job, but he followed up too many times so I got annoyed and gave it to someone else”.