How long to wait after telephone interview

Hi all,

I was wondering if anyone can help with the process and steps I should take now its been over a week since my telephone interview.

I had a telephone interview with Puma for position of Motorsport Footwear Designer last week and taken the normal steps in thanking them for their time and would love to be apart of their team etc.

I have emailed the HR lady who I have been speaking to before the interview 2 days ago and still no response.

I also last week got a email from out of the blue from Nike’s HR contact about putting me forward for a telephone interview and still have not got a reply from the email i sent to him the very next morning.

Have I lost the job it would presume? or do things take time in the sports manufacturing industry?



You probably thanked them the day of or after the interview right? I would email or call the people who actually interviewed you for an inquiry. It can take a long time to interview candidates and make a decision. I think you should follow up after a week, call Nike too!

I had several interviews where I heard nothing back, not even thank you for your interest, it was frustrating.

This is not an answer that anyone wants to here and I am fully accepting of disagreement.

Over time I have found that the telephone call, after you have already thanked them in writing, is pretty much useless. They will either get back with you with a job offer or you will never hear from them again. There are instances where the job search has been postponed where you might find that out but that is rare.

I don’t want to be a downer but I equally don’t want to give false hope. If it has been a week or two and they say “We are still evaluating the candidates”, that means they have made an offer to someone else and are waiting for their decision.

Sometimes ignorance is bliss.

I feel the frustration.

The fact is that unfortunately large companies like this can take a long time to work the wheels of corporate bureaucracy. Esp. given in brands like this there is often a team of people they need to coordinate to hold the interviews with and scheduling can be difficult.

A week or two is not really that long. Most likely they have several people they are interviewing in several phases (initial phone interviews, follow-up phone interviews, in person interviews, etc.). They may just still be working on the first phase, or have moved ahead to schedule the first picks for the second, and waiting to see how these work out before more scheduling.

Unfortunately, in situations like this, the company pretty much holds all the power. Typically they won’t let you know a “thanks but no thanks” until they have for sure moved on to someone else. From their perspective, it doesn’t hurt them to keep you hanging.

Not saying at all it is right. As a matter of fact, it’s a personal frustration for me, having dealt with this often. You’d expect companies would want to make a good impression and get back to people with any info asap to keep a favorable impression of the company. Not true sometimes it seems.

I’ve had interviews and arrangements for high level positions in large sportswear brands that took almost a year to get a final word on. First phone call interview, followed by arrangements for a second call taking up to a month, followed by a scheduled in person interview 2 months then pushed to another 2 months later, second interview in person a couple of months later, followed by several months of “we’re working on it”… Doesn’t give me a good impression and some of these brands I’ve later told them “no thanks” as a result when contacted later in the future for a different position.

Hang in there. It’s probably not you, it’s them.


Thanks Rkuchinsky, Timf and Primo for your time to read and write back to my dilemma.

I understand that within larger companies, there can be many people of various levels and sectors dealing with such a small thing such as me asking about an update is sometimes last on their mind or that information can get miss guided.

But as i have read on previous peoples posts from here and else where sometimes ‘no thanks’ is still a step to far.

Saying that Nike have got back in touch and want to me show the story of some pieces of work…so wish me luck

thanks again guys