Persistence after a phone interview. Good or Bad?

I had a phone interview about a month ago, sent a thank you, and received a positive email back. I was given a two week timetable for a correspondence on the decision. Four weeks have gone by, so at week three I sent a follow “checking in” email. I haven’t received a response, so I am tempted to fly to the city (He knows that I have family in the city) and ask if he would like to meet in person.

Would this turn you off or on? Should I lock this in? What would you do?


If four weeks have gone by and they had a 2 week timetable (and if they can stick to their timetables), then I would assume after a follow-up with no response they have made their hiring decision.

Of course you could send a note to tell them you’ll be in town, but I wouldn’t book anything unless there’s a response unless you plan to make the trip regardless.

Aw, drag. Oh well, I will keep at it. Thanks!

Not to complicate things, but I’d actually disagree. I’ve had things like that happen to me on both sides of the hiring table (aka, done it to candidates).

Of course, your exact situation will vary-- but I’d generally say a company does it for one or two reasons. The first is that they’re busy, and hiring may take a back burner to client work or other positions. The second reason is that they’re talking to other people or figuring things out internally and need to keep you ‘warm’ while they get their act together. I’d keep following up within reason, if only to know if the position has been filled and you can move on.

I think firing a casual note that says “hey visiting my Mom in xxx city, would you like to get together for a coffee?” is fine as long as it is true.

There are many reasons they may have not gotten back to you, HR is taking longer than expected, they can’t free up the budget dollars, they liked you but maybe want to check out a few more candidates, their last candidate had to reschedule the interview, they might have gotten swamped with work, they might be flakey and lets not forget they might not think it is a good fit but they might be just bad at knowing how to communicate that.

In any of those situations, I’m sure they remember they interviewed them. Be casual, don’t bother them too much.

To follow up, I sent the message that I would be in town to visit family.

They got back to me and we scheduled a meeting. Looks like I still have a chance!

I would recommend this move.

Right on! Good luck.
Having been a free agent myself recent, I know how stressful this can be.

I think however that it is bad form to let you hang on this long without any word.
Eddie is probably right, they are ether busy or keeping you “warm”. Regardless, I think this lack of care towards a pending applicant is not cool.
Even if they are trying to keep you around and string you along, how difficult would it be to send you another email, letting you know that they are still looking into things and need a bit more time to get their ducks in a row?

If you get a position, maybe you can inspire change in their hiring practices.