Following up after interviews?

Hi everybody,

I have a very specific question about following up after an interview:

Last week, I had a phone interview with the manager of the industrial design department of a company. The interview went very well and it looks like he was happy with my work. After a few encouraging words from him about me being a good fit and my background being impressive, he said to contact him if i haven’t heard from him in a while. My question is: when is “a while”? I sent him an immediate “Thank You” email but haven’t heard anything. My first instinct is to contact him in a week. Is this too early or aggressive?

Any advice?

You can send a “just checking in” email at the end of the week.

From my expereince if they don’t call back they’re probably not interested or still looking.

The fact that he has not yet responded is not necessarily a bad sign. If it’s a good place, he is probably just very busy.
Also, he might be already playing the game, if he is considering to take you on, he is setting the tone in the negotiations by playing a bit hard to catch.
I think a week sounds very reasonable. While you might be sitting on needles, don’t let that show and just “checking in” as Yo already suggested is a good way to keep the ball rolling.

Good luck!

I agree with Yo, shoot him a check in email about a week from the interview.

Personally, I wouldn’t follow up again after that, let them make the next move, otherwise it just makes you look desperate or annoying.

If you are really gung ho to work for them then maybe send a heads up in about a month to see if the position was filled.

Yep, you sent your thank you email, then you have the check in email… the only other email you could send after that in my book is the “I got an offer from someone else and wanted to do one last check in before I accepted their offer…” , that can be successful at cutting through things, but you have to have a genuine other offer.

How about calling the companies HR in 2 weeks about your application? I had called most of them, they say it is too soon for them to decide and should call back in a week.

Thanks for the great feedback guys!

Maybe the person was just on a holiday! It really happhend to me.