Nike Footwear Design position

Hey everyone!

I have applied to a footwear design position at Nike and was wondering if anyone has had previous experience with the interview process at Nike? The description is pretty vague but it sounds perfect for my level of my experience. The position is_

Footwear Designer-041778

Requirements for the position include:


  • Bachelor’s degree in Industrial Design or Product Design
  • 3 years’ professional experience designing innovative footwear product
  • Knowledge of color, textures, human factors and form as they relate to designing excellent products
  • A passion for performance excellence
  • PhotoShop and Illustrator proficiency
  • Experience with 3D design programs a plus
  • Knowledge of manufacturing processes, plastics and other engineering materials are preferred

I am curios what do they look for in a portfolio? I am sure it will need to “pop” to be considered so Please let me know if anyone can help or forward any advise. Here is the link to my coroflot page_


Andrew, your product looks good, I think they would be interested. Typically though they like to see a lot more sketch work. Exploration sketches, thumbnails, different construction ideas, final renderings…


Thanks a lot for the advise. I will post more complete design “stories”_
Initial Thumbs_Sketches_Renderings_BP’s_Complete production version. I agree that telling the whole story is a good idea. Thanks again.

nice folio man, good luck!

go for it man,just sell your talent.

good stuff, my dude. i like the snowboard stuff the best.
having said that, i hate to be the bearer of bad news but threre’s word from the wire that nike is looking to cut up to 1400 jobs?

Nike may cut up to 4 pct of jobs as it restructures

i don’t know what percentage of that number will relate to designers. maybe they’ll be unaffected, i dunno, but it’s kinda scary when even a strong company like nike is having layoffs.

Great stuff man… I actually have a pair of those Kicker SLR’s pretty solid boots, I love em