Footwear Design Internship....Not a prod design student?

as you can tell from my name, I am an arch student, however my passion for design surpasses the field of arch, and even ID. Would a shoe company hire an arch student as an intern if they were impressed with the design work they had produced as an arch student and could show promise as a footwear designer through independant work? The way I look at it is that design talent is ubiquitous, so prodvided the training of an academic setting, the details of individual design persuits can be learned as a matter of process.

Should I try to find an internship in footwear, of softgoods, or find something in ID first and then branch into footwear?

I am sure that yo has a good suggestion, so I look forward to hearing from him.

I’m not sure how much I can help, you know, being that I work for a company with, how did you put it? a “status in cultural degeneration” and all. :blush:

Seriously though, it is all about the skills. Being able to understand the footwear market (not just be an enthusiast, though that can be a good motivator). If you can generate great ideas that resonate with consumers and have a reason for being and you can communicate those ideas through drawings, work through constuction issues, then you have what it takes.

That said, every company has their way to do things, and their little prerequsites. Not every designer at Nike has an ID degree, but they all have an understanding of ID problem solving skills. Simple cause and effect, if I try this, maybe the shoe will help do that, kind of stuff.

I would start developing work, if you haven’t allready, and start participating in the kicks guide competitions. I know at least one guy who wasn’t doing anything related to ID who landed a full time gig that way.

Post some stuff.

Thank you Yo!

Alright, So I konw the president of this well known company, mostly for their pocketbooks. I sent him a letter today (home address) asking whether he could place me in a design intership this summer. They do all kinds of accessories and shoes, some mens, mostly womens. So if he writes me ack with an offer he will most likely want to see work, should I have something ready? or ask their design people what they would like to see from me?

it could only help if you had something to show, right?