Need Portfolio Assessment - Career Reboot

Hello everybody,

I was a footwear designer a while back and I’ve just recently updated my portfolio, looking to get back into the industry again. If anybody would like to take a look at my portfolio and offer any suggestions on weaknesses/ holes/ remove/ etc. that would be grand. I posted my old work which could help or hurt, depending on if the dated designs are a distraction. Please comment honestly.

Any other advice would also be considered.

Thanks everybody.


Welcome Trevor,

I think one of the biggest red flags I would have if I was looking at your portfolio is the gap in your resume from 2004 to 2012. I think if you fill in that experience, even if unrelated, it will be important to make it through any HR department.


Thanks Michael. I did have a general overview of the time period in my resume at first, but thought it was unimportant and distracting, so I removed it. I’ll re-add the info to fill in the blanks.


Hey Trev,

I’d agree resume-wise best to explain the gap in some way, so people don’t think you were in prison or something. Maybe even a written explanation of the gap (seeking other experiences, etc.).

I’d also add even more of the sales data for the Power projects to demonstrate your commercial success which overcomes some of the gap. I know you definitely had some bestsellers back then.

The newest work (NB/Adidas and other stuff in misc. renderings) is definitely the strongest in both design and rendering style and presentation. If you can do more like that, including some looser sketches that would be a great suplement to your portfolio.

I’d also suggest maybe to go back and re-work the presentation of some of the older work (GT project, etc.). Might also want to date the older stuff, so it’s clear the style is circa the date done, and not just out of current trends.

Adding in some photos of real shoes you did would also be good. Shows your professional experience.



I agree with the GT shoe presentation - a simpler, more modern graphical style would better highlight the intricate shoe designs.

In considering what you’re saying about dating the sketches, perhaps it’s just better to chop them down and keep the recent and better stuff since the older sketches probably don’t add much more, plus old dates might be a deterrent. Most of these sketches are pretty rough anyways so I’d like to minimize them as I replace them with better ones soon.

I do have some photo samples already posted, but not obvious enough perhaps. I’ll make them as a cover page.

I agree that “Had many top sellers” isn’t too compelling on a resume. I didn’t have any specific sales data as an outside consultant, but I’m tapping some of the sales crews dusty memories to see if I can get something more concrete.

Thanks for the help. I’m trying to get cover letters/ resume done for some job openings, so I’m making notes with plans to fix everything soon.