My name is Cubby and iam a future designer

Chello yall, i dont get much time to drop some of my work or build up a talk. But i would like to give peps on the board a little background about me and where i have come from in design. I did an interview a while back for an online mag. Hope you all enjoy and be sure to drop some of my work on the board.

Congratulation man, you made it!!! :smiley:
Try to keep us update on what you are cooking at Nike.

Now go get me some coffee, intern!


Kidding. Best of luck, Cubby.

Congratulations man and good luck!!

congrats dude, we should grab coffee sometime.

Thanks for all the love you guys. Yeah it is a dream behond dreams. Still is to me but a very great one. I will def keep you guys posted on my progress after the internship but im hoping ot turin it into a long term gig if you know what i mean.

YO: ill be sure to come by converse sometime next week and drop a line to you

I just want to tell everyone dreams can come true if you just work hard at it. Look at Justin Taylor. Great dude to. But when i get some time i willl post some more in def pictures of my work.

it is a very good look dude, congrats!

word, congrats. welcome to the core footwear forum. hope to see more of your work and experience at nike. cant say im not jealous.


Congrats, find this quite inspiring, especially as I’m applying for jobs.

Thank you for all the love and will be letting you guys on a little update.

Cubby, you’ve come a long way, dude. It’s great to see. And, like Rich, I’m a little jealous. Of course, not so much that I can’t be excited for you. And I’m VERY excited for YOU! Congratulations, young man. Go do big things!

congrats! that’s awesome.
what’s your typical day like?
from what i hear, the innovation kitchen is ultra secretive. they got security checkpoints with retinal scans and voice recognition systems, don’t they? lol

Ryan: you telling me. D’Wayne told me the same thing and hard work and just the drive to be the best an learn is all i can do and still do as a designer. That comeing from you brings a smile to my face so best belive thank you.

Bohrdom: Mmmmm its pretty crazy is pretty much what i can say. Its crazy to see all these things around me. Its like being at toys r us, with nothing but smiles and everyday is a new day. You learn somting new and the people are always pushing each other to do the best. Yeah its pretty tight around the kitchen. I have to get naked and go through a scan then take a pee test. After that you have to give a password then hopefully that goes threw and i get to sit at my desk which is 1pm…lol. Naw but its koo.


Damn, I wished I worked in the Kitchen. I’m still stuck in the bathroom!