Any current/past Nike designers out there?

Anybody out there work for Nike? What’s the culture like there? I’m interested. I see lots of job postings, so I question the turnover rate. I can imagine it being great or just really stinking. thoughts?

Can you drink the kool-aide?

It is a superb place to work if you have the mindset for it.

but - and not everyone is cut out for the corporate in-house job.

Have you worked there?

am there now, indirectly. which is far more pleasent than being there directly, which I have been; there is less restraint.

it is very corporate with a very large design/development bueracracy. Innovation is a driver but actual implementation of innovation is a lot slower than one would perceive. likewise I have seen numerous innovations that are solutions in search of non-existant problems. Also there tends to be a disconnect between a nike created user and a real world user.

but if you are creative as hell and enjoy working for the man at the same time you’ll fit in…

I like drawing shoes, do you get to do that there? :wink:



Its fantastic

Some random thoughts on Nike jumbling around in my brain:

It doesn’t get much better.

I worked in a consulting firm for about 5 years before I took a position at Nike. I got to see how a lot of companies viewed design, and how they used and mis-used it.

Nike is a difficult, frustrating, tiring place to work. The only place worse is everywhere else! It demands a high level of stamina, tolerence, vision, creativity, and gumption all at once.

You can reach your emotional lowest low and highest high all in the same day.

The ability to develope new ideas is amazing if you have the abilty to come up with them and the persistance to see it through.

The reason there are a lot of positions open is because we are expanding, Nike sales are at an all time high.

You will be hard pressed to find a corporate campus that is better designed or better maintained. We like to complain about it, but the zen garden, the huge design library, model shop, the 4 story rock climbing wall, indoor olympic pool, indoor basket ball court, tenis, racket ball and squash courts, astro turf field, football fields, cardio rooms, outdoor trails, lake, on campus restraunts, dry-cleaning, and hair styling can’t really be beat.

Between brand design, footwear design, graphics, apparel, timing, vision, bags, and balls there are nearly 300 designers. The creative community that creates is awesome. It also developes a culture that know how to take care of creative people. What other company will bring Frank Gehry, Ross Lovegrove, and JAy Mays to town to hang out with it’s design staff?

enough kool aid I suppose.

Guest, is that you Steve M.?

very well put “yo”, it doesn’t get much better…

no sorry, but if you are ever in Ken Griffey we may run into each other,…


you Mike D?

Is it critical to have previous footwear exp. in order to get a job there? What do they look for in a portfolio? I would think this would be one of the better design jobs out there…

yo… = shane k?

no. its mikeD

I’ve applied several times and actually got as far as a personal interview with various footwear department heads but for some strange reason they could not offer me a job due to my lack of footwear experience…go figure? Even still i would love the chance to work for nike or adidas. :unamused:

is being an intern- I just finished an internship in apparel over the summer over there and it was awesome! You get to only be in Portland when it never rains, and you get to do fun short projects that all of the real employees don’t have time to do, plus you get to be in all of that lovely campus as described by the earlier post. Just being in that environment really charged me up, and there really is no match for what kind of resources they have, compared to other corporations that I’ve worked. No other place would ever treat an intern so well, I swear, esp. those unpaid internships in Manhattan.

The one thing that struck me was that the place is so huge there are several kinds of design going on, there aren’t just people designing shoes, so it was even better to be an intern because you can poke around all of the different dept.s and see what’s going on.
Loved it! Want to come back!

I’ve applied three times now for various graphic jobs at Nike. I get “no” letters. I try not to be discouraged, but I have a feeling my experience isn’t the “kind” of experience they are looking for. :cry:

don’t take it the wrong way. from what I’ve seen even if you have awesome experience, you might not have what they are looking more at that moment. It all deepends on what they are trying to get better at, what they want to expand on, and who left! So the planets have got to be aligned and you better do your rain dance because people are going to be flying in from around the globe to interview for that one spot. The first time I interviewed it didn’t work out, it eneded up being a good thing, now I’m in and I can appreciate it better in a way. I know this probably doesn’t help at all.