my first production shoe

hi, guys ! Its a big pleasure for me to present my first production shoe and the process around it here …Its a hunting shoe but anyway … Ole !

Nice stuff, thanks for sharing.

sweet, process images rock, cheers mate!
quite envious :smiley:

yep awesome stuff dude, thanks again!

cool to see the progression and some technical details…nice boot!

thanks a million for sharing this awesome project with us!


your images show the process perfectly. Nice work! Would have loved to see that black/blue colorway hit the market as a “security” option.

f**ing awesome ! Cheers Mate.

Thanks for sharing product and process. I want one and I am
not even a hunter.

All the best

yours mo-i

good to see you’re still doing your thing, congrats & great job vents!!!

Very impressive. Congratulations.

Beginners take note, the majority of the work shown (and there is alot) was done with a pencil.

I’m just saying… :sunglasses:

Congrats Vents! Good to see you finally in somewhere bringing your stuff to life. These look great! Thanks for sharing your process :slight_smile:


Nice job and congrats on the first production shoe. Great that you also documented the process so well.

I’d also just like to note how well a project presented like this shows. I’d much rather see something like this from start to finish, than 50 SBP renderings of basketball shoes that all look the same. This is real world, and demonstrates a depth of understanding of the product, and a persistence of design intent and an understanding of the process.

Again, great job and should be a model for others presenting their work.


great stuff, looks like you wont roll any ankles in that lol, and great progession

Hey Zdelar,

Great to see you posting back on core77 again, I have been missing seeing your rendering skills & design - development. I have to say that the work on this project is tight, I would love to know how long it took you? 1st round sketches & overall designing of the product & then the development time with the factory. Needless to say that you must have been working with a really good one as the level of quality in the finished product really shows.

Very impressed,


great and awesome work mate.


Vents that midsole is SICK! I really love this boot, and whoever said the black/blue colorway should be made for a security option (I think yo) is completely correct. Great work!

Thanks for the nice words , guys , really happy you liked tha shoe .I really hope this won’t be the last one, as it seem by now ! … Hotmix : The process was 2 weeks in sketching , rendering , tech packs , then week in the factory (yes it really was a good one , they produce all the famouse brands in the hunting field and some atletic/casual .I can say that because I visit and some others too , and no matter my small expirience, I saw the difference ) till we got the tooling fixed , and then another month and a half in upper samples and fixing little problems overall .By that time the real tooling was done so we put it all together - voila ! The final product was ready at middle of november , and the first sketch was at the middle of august . It was pretty fast run I think . Anyway , really glad you gus enjoyed it ! You can also see tha accesories I made since working there on company’s website - . Ole !

Do you have a pair to wear?

Wondering how you worked out the need to flex the ankle joint? But the move from hand sketch to computer illustration is really good.