hey i got these shoe designs.......

First post gimme a break…
Just some renderings and sketches ive done. most of it old but new material is coming soon stay tuned.
I would like feed back but here are some things i think i need to improve:

More explaination on sketches
More angles/views of shoe(s)

add more please…

Rome wasn’t built in a day…[/url]



Thanx for calling this to my attention, it slipped past me… a little hustle goes a long way. I’m sorry I couldn’t speak with you longer, I had to run to a meeting.

Overall a lot of good stuff. I remember your K1x submission from kicksguide.I think if your stuff went on a bit of a proportional diet your stuff would be much hotter. You hit the proportions in some of your thumbnail sketches. In you thumbnails you seem to capture some great iconic gestures. Very distinct from a distance.

I would love to see you investigate some more performance features. How can you make a shoe flex while being supportive. Be lightweight but durable? Delve into some of these issues.

Also where are you at as far as your career? School? Fill us in so you can get more accurate feedback. Thank you for posting your work.

Yeam more info about you will help.

but i’ll tell you this … select your work, don’t show everthing, some of the things are much better then others… why are you taking down the quality level with
those bad, probably long ago designed concepts?

if you want to show your progression then fine, but then you need to put those in order with some dates so that anyone can understand.


Got your phone message, but you didn’t leave a return number, and I don’t have your email. If you are having trouble with your core account you have to contact the admin (info@core77.com) (which is not me) … hope you read this dude.