My first post and my first shoe

Hey, I have been skimming over the board for a little bit now, and decided to post a shoe that I have been working on for my rendering class. This is the first shoe that I have ever designed and realize that it probably has some aspects that are unresolved. So feel free to rip it apart as long as you don’t make me cry. My goal is to get it blinging enough for my portfolio so any feedback would be appreciated.

Here is a link:

welcome. i’ll let the shoe guys do the crits. dont even like wearing shoes.

Nice job, better than my first shoe.

So is that like a screen print there in the midfoot where you have the tonal color break or a woven stripe on a tixtile?

So is that like a screen print there in the midfoot where you have the tonal color break or a woven stripe on a tixtile?

ya know, i am not too familiar with shoe materials and processes. I was thinking that it could be done in the same way that patterned textiles are made. Such as tablecloths and curtains. If this was produced would it be three separate pieces of material?

It could be done in a number of ways:

1- Screen print color on (like a checkered table cloth)

2- High frequency weld a very thin layer of urethane (this would also give more lateral support but there would need to be some kind of fit adjust system as that stuff doesn’t stretch as much)

3- bemis weld three separate pieces of synthetic leather (no stitches as you have it shown there)

4- weave the patern into the textile (you could even engineer it so that the colors stretched differantly for more support)

5- stitch and turn three materials together to hide the stitch seam

Looking good man. Just a few taliking points for you. It will make you sound mor knowledgable.

Also watch the proportions, it doesn’t look like there is enough room in the heel with that mechanism there. Take a look at how some rollerblades go together to help you there. Good stuff man.

Thanks for the comments. They are very helpful.

Also watch the proportions, it doesn’t look like there is enough room in the heel with that mechanism there.

This was also a concern of my professor. I am thinking of adding an external plastic heal cup for the mettle chassis to interface with. Or something of that nature.

Another question. Are there any books (or other recourses) on shoe design? The school I am at now has essentially no focus on shoe design and it is something I am really interested in.

There is really not much out there, if anything, specificly for footwear design. It has lots of mold design issues to learn, lots of ergonomic factors to be aware of, and a lot of hand craft in the sewn uppers, so it draws from a wide knowledge base which makes it pretty fun.

I think the best way to learn more is to buys shoes, wear test them for your self, and cut them apart- expensive, but it works.

I agree buy shoes…wear’em study there construction. but really you wont learn the ropes til you are apart of it. well, in my case, i did like wht yo said, right now i have probably about 350+ shoes all kicks-no dress shoes counted.and i would wear’em out and really find things about them that i liked and didn’t liked and i would try and re design the parts tht i didnt like. I dont think i could ever take a knife to my jordan’s…but maybe a pair of running shoes. I think for you a pair of running shoes would be a great exploration. there is so much construction and alot more attention is paid to the sole and the breathibility of its upper and etc. then other patterns (this is my opion) for example if you were just just gut a pair of air force 1’s. anyways. about your design.

“move” i think you can come up with a name a lil more creative then that. i also agree that it looks like there should be more room for thr heel. and also for thr strap be careful because alot of times a strap that would come across the ankle like that might irritate the anke while in movement. also since it is being worn and held by the straps, they should be given a better place so that it can better serve to strengthen its grip and keep its place and give the person wearing it better compactness and strength. the bottom strap is in a right placfe maybe just adjust the second. look at puma shoes they are doing alot of shoes with cross over forefoot straps, no laces. I think your shoe is more in the puma ball park. i would check them out. also look at rollarblades. i am looking at the wheels now and i am wondering if they are a lil too large and maybe the shoe is too high off the ground. also look at rollar blades they give you alot of ankle support. by the look of they i would roll my ankle in a sec. I am not sure if a low top or even mid would work with this rollar wheel idea. try it…but i think a high top would be more realistic.

also would the wheels be detachable so later after i am done dodging cabs with these rollar shoes…i could take off the wheels and enjoy a peaceful walk to my 15th floor apt, because the elevator is broken?? smile. ahh the good old days

just a thought.

but great work for a 1st go around. post more it only gets better.

one other thing… check out spped race bikes and there wheels maybe you could get some ideas…


Thanks for the advice Yo and dygitalvision I’m defiantly going to take some shoes to the band-saw.

I’ve been kind of swamped by school work lately but plan on designing some more shoes over break. i have a stiletto heal in the works that I have been sketching during a writing class. I’ll probably post that in the future once it is refined a bit more.

cool man, can’t wait to see.

Take some dress shoes to the band saw and you will see they are constructed in a very different way than athletic shoes. To save cash, you could get some from the Salvation Army, Goodwill, or Payless.

I have never done any womens shoes. men’s dress yes, but never womens and not high heels. let me know wht you come up with. and its hard to design for women you are dealing with so many trends and styles. I mean you have that with men but not as insane as with womens footwear. I can’t even imagine. I think one thing to look at is to keep it dress but make it more comfortable. that is the thing that women always cry about is that the shoes are not comfortable. maybe because of the last and the way the foot is elivated… but anyways and also look at materials. and for the bottom of the sole. traction. its key. i have catched my girlfriend too many times because she was about to slip because of the no traction on the shoe. just some ideas.

post want to see. and dont worry about presentation at first its still just an idea a concept be loose, that is what i am always being told.

i just loaded one of the many quick sketches I have been doing. My roommate has come to call it the hooker space boot. The final will most likely look nothing like this sketch.

its on the same link as before:

Nah, the heel isn’t nearly high enough for a hooker…

… but it could be just right for Beonce’s next sci-fi themed video. Keep going, curious to see where it takes you.

interesting. will need support to stand on shelves. or maybe it will foat…but looks cool. could use some funky colors like lime green and bright yellows…i dunno. but good start. do more sketches to get the right form and to get those cuts right. i would like to see it drawn with it being worn.

sketch-i wouldnt bring it to the computer yet.

So this is what I do on saturday nights. :unamused:

I’ve been playing with some ideas and decided to go illustrator on this concept. I was debating weather or not to show it with the stitching cause it is defiantly going to change. However, I do want to do something graphical with stitching.

well here it is:

edit: one of my sentences made absolutely no sense.

Coming along, but it seems to have lost a bit of the cosmic quality the origional sketch had. Also, look back at the proportions of your origional, the toe shape in that sketch is a bit more elegant. I would keep it on paper fo awhile, throw down some color and start thinking about materials and details. Maybe explore some other views. What does the bottom look like, is their any detail on the footbed, and y adjustability to the fit, that kind of stuff.

Also, I like the DVD player rendering in your gallerie, very mod but understated.

Cool man, keep it up.

agreed. keep it on the paper. you should be spending those hours…minutes…whatever time it took to do this in illustrator and really explore it on paper. trust me you will be saving your time on the computer if you have a clear idea of what you are doing on paper. I would like what Yo said look at the colorss, materials…but really the sole. i am interested in you bringing some of that funkyness to the bottom plate. but still make it functional. graghical with stitching could ultimately be a problem for production. I agree that stitching is an artform of its self but unless you are going to have your graphic stuff embroidered-like on cowboy boots, or lasered like on tne new labron james baskeyball shoe, then just doing normal stitching for a detailed pattern can lead to problems in china…not saying you should worry about it not just a thought…if you would like i can go on and list difficulties…

but stay with it…keep doing sketches…sketches…sketches…can’t even drill it enough. then scan them in…and post like 10 of them…and I and others can help you out. about a direction to take or problems we see or whats we think looks HOT!!! ao keep up your working…

and dont feel too bad about working late on saturday…trust me I am…point all the greatones practice and work hard…a lil basketball pointer…but do you think jordan got to be how he was from just playing in school…hell no he practiced practiced and worked hard…and while others were out doing other things he was lifting weights and shoooting thousands of jump shots…so work hard and put hours in…it pays off.

how many ladies have you talked to about the design before taking it to illustrator?
no snark intended, just wondering

edit: forgot to add that i like a lot the off center stitching, but that’s about the only thing that i like. If you would like me to elaborate on why i don’t dig it, i’ll do it …but I don’t want to stiffen your expressive/cool form search.

Ok, I’ll keep sketching and post what I come up with. Defiantly a skill I need to work on.

as for the stitching, how concerned do you think I should be with production restrictions at this point in my career? Should I just go crazy with it? Or do potential employers want to see that I am concerned with the constraints of mass production? I think I know the answer but am interested to hear what people outside of school think.