AIX Design Prrocess

Hey fellas, I just did a post over at Niketalk on the process I went through whilst designing the the Iverson 10 for Artist Series.

Feedback very much appreciated.

nice work.

First off: It’s great to see thought process and ideation sketches, not just a final rendering.

I liked where you took it after the submition. You really cleaned the concept up and purified the idea (though I think you should have kept the Iverson oxford perf pattern you designed). Good to see all of the color work as well. Great to see that after some distance, you where able to improve on the idea further!

I think if I where to point to an area that could improve it would be the final rendering. It looses some of the punch and contrast of your initial sketches. To me, it looks like you might have been trying to implament a style versus doing your own thing.

Great work, keep it up.

Generally I really like the work, nice line quality, good volume in the sketches. The only thing that bothers me is, the shoe seems to completely change from stage 3 to 4, the final product hardly looks like stage 3, maybe this is what Yo was talking about “after submission” but it looks like a completely different project to me, and I liked the shoe better at stage 3, I’m not a shoe designer though, just an observation :slight_smile:

Yo: Glad to hear that you liked the Iverson oxford pattern, it was a sacrifice that was hard to make. But initially I think it was for the good, as it made the shoe a little to busy for my taste. Although on second thought, perhaps I could’ve tweaked it a bit to make it flow with the design.

Regarding the final rendering, yeah, it was a bit rushed. I did it quickly after I saw DE’s comment on KG last night. Do you have any pointers do make it a bit more visualy appealing? And I won’t deny it, I’m under heavy influences from a certain Jason Petrie.

Copyboy: At stage three, you can see the design I sent in to the Artist series competiton. At that stage, I was happy with the concept, but aesthetically, I wasn’t too happy with it, so I kept the same principles, midfoot support by hidden lacing system, and ankle protection provived by a heel strap, and reworked it.

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