Many sketches

Some Fords and some Renaults:

I hope you like!

burns, I love seeing these sketches. Nice work. A lot of variety.

On the Twingo page, I like how you sketched up the original in the upper right, which might have given you a good feel for the proportion and gives the viewer a little perspective. Personally I’m drawn to the bottom left sketch, and the bottom left.

Any thoughts behind the sketches? Ideas you felt fit the brand?

I’d love to see you stretch it even further and the replacement to the replacement to the replacement to the twingo… what might be important to drivers in the year 2025? How might that info functional ideas and packaging of the design?

Nice sketches but the twingo restyling your going overboard by making a total different car and also without keeping overal old shape proportion.

When you look at the original car it got a short small front. And each concept you draw the front was made much bigger. And also give different look your restyles are making it more racy and more for restyle of the Clio.

You can restyle a Mini cooper into giant SUV. So keep that in mind.

Thanks guys!

What I wanted for the Twingos was a car that stands out, is very sporty/exciting, but still true to the original. Now I have drawn the older Twingo on the upper right, which was my initial inspiration, but later on I realized I’d best take off from this twingo:

And usually my drawings are a reflection of how I feel when I’m drawing them, quite a few of those sketches look angry and perhaps even a little sad, well blame that on lovesickness! But that’s another story for another day!