Unfinished Sketch. Lookin' for advice

Hi, I’m posting this sketch…unfinsihed.

What you think?

Please feel free to comment just about everything !!!

nice Sketch…

I’m not sure what you are looking for in terms of advice but I would like to know more about what the design is for…

How does it further the BMW brand?
What consumer is it for?
What level of product are we looking at (1 series,3,5,6, or 7)

As a sketch it has a nice feel to it.

Hot sketch so far. I like the loose feel. Interested on seeing how the back and side mirrors are resolved.

i like. feels like a bentley crushing luxe coupe…perhaps a future 7 sereies drophead style or something. no comments per se on the sketch itself, but would like to see more!

only thing im not so sure about is the lights- don’t seem that BMW-ish. need more rounded angel eyes kinda look, even if within the squinty lens, perhaps.


Back side and Mirrors are under development, too much homework to do at this time… be patient please!!!

rkuchinsky :
The lights, I’m working on them, some sketches are on ball point pen, bond paper, the Photoshop renderings will be ready to show you in few days, hope before mid-November.

Sorry with my English, not native English speaker, writer . Thanks to all of you for your comments and time, very important for me.

I think the creases on the side (esp on the door) could definitely be reworked in terms of proportions. right now it awkwardly splits the side in to 3 slices of cheese. door handle is awkwardly positioned

The underside could use more shadow? not sure, but i would try since most of the weight is in the front now, unless you were trying for the front focus, back less in focus, but the back wheel is very defined, so i feel that the shadow should be as well.

dynamite sketch though

I face the same dilema with my Id teachers concerning cars and creativity, but some are ok with it it’s just that they wont give us oppurtunities like a project on designing a car for a certain type of consumer. We’d be rather doing watering cans, gps(latest), picnic table etc. Interesting but still incomplete.

nice sketch by the way except that it seems like the initial sketch has some work to be done to. Overall i like the effect, nice colors

too busy on final project… sorry … postin’ sketches evolutions when school work get done … :frowning:

a little update based on M1 Homage concept… workin’ on rear view…

another unfinished one…

i prefer the first one!

An sketch from 2010… I guess.

It started with an internet discussion of how an italian brand sould use flame surfacing if they choose to do so.

My reply where no words… but this sketch.

The sketch it’s also unfinished !! (the environment)

Whoa, you brought this thread back! Nice.

Without updating the first & original thread sketch… but we’re here again.

I would look more for large sexy sweeping lines defining the overall body form, as in BMW Gina.
This does not look very Italian to me, more of a blend between a German sedan and a Honda.
It needs some more expressiveness!
The original sketch has that Nissan Juke quality of great sketch, awkward in real life.

From 2011.

Little updates around the original sketch.