New sketches-need feedback opinion and advices

hi all nice to meet you:)

im new here and first i like to show some my works…currently im 20 years old and study industrial design in poland but car design is one of my design passion

below some my works:)

first sketches come from polish design competition of new vision of avant-garde nissan micra

from this some competition some another sketches

some another sketches:

water colour sketch

and in the end sketch from boring lesson and improve version in photoshop

im really quaint yours opinion and advices hope u like it:)
greetings for all people with design passion :wink:

sweet sketches! :slight_smile:

Avant Garde i dont know if thats a term you want to use _ I think your light switches and windshield controls look to big…but other than that…good job

nice sketches!

Nice. Your marker/shading provides very good form defination, unlike many students who tend to over render. Yours is very easy to understand.

You may just want to be more precised with the proportions. Not that it’s bad, but I am just encouraging you to perfect it. It needs more sensativity and refinement. This has nothing to do with sketching technique. It’s just about presenting your design the way you meant.

Ok, I guess to be more specific, I am particular referring to the steering wheel sketches. Maybe it’s supposed to look pointy, but I just don’t feel right about them.

On the other hand, when sketching the interior components, you got to switch your mindset a bit, from trans to product. Right now it lacks details. Details about how the parts edges finishes. About the joint and interaction between the materials, about the material itself. Is it metal? If so, what kind of finish? How about soft material? How do they stitch together? All these details will add another level to your design and people’s impression of your abilities.

nice drawings

first like to thanks everyone for feedback…unfortunately i havent connected with internet and couldnt answer but it changed;)

molested_cow thx for many advices it really have opened my eyes on many different ways in car design and yours critique have affected very strong on me…probably will soon begin an internships in peugeot excatly on internal design so your advices are really remarkables and have assigned me new ways in improvment efficiency of sketches;)
will aim to be more exact and pursue own mistakes…

soon new stuffs

recently decidated to brag some my last work because im interested yours opinion about it…first some sketches derived from polish competition of next generation of opel astra and rest part of sketches are mainly random sketches for fun

hope will hear here critique and some advices byeeeeee! :sunglasses:

Shot at 2007-07-19

Shot at 2007-07-19

Shot at 2007-07-19

Shot at 2007-07-19

Shot at 2007-07-19

Shot at 2007-07-19

link straight to sketches from competition where you can read description of project (ofcourse in english because the jury were Kurt Beyer and Stephan Arndt from Russelsheim Opel design centre at Germany)…i managed to achieve second place at this contest.,com_zoom/Itemid,5/catid,824/

next part-random sketches

Shot at 2007-07-19

Shot at 2007-07-19

Shot at 2007-07-19

some sketches which i have done for polish competition of new vision of famous fomer polish car called " Syrenka"

link to car-

my proposals of external design

Shot at 2007-07-19

Shot at 2007-07-19

and last work for fun…i usually called it “story about me” but dont want explain why will be good if you read it from picture…ok thats all

Shot at 2007-07-19

greetings from poland dear members:D

great designs. But you need to finish the tyres and the wheels correct. Cause it looks like it riding on the rims and not on the tyres or paper thin or flat tyres. It just look very odd on each car design you made.

Love the front view with the doors open.

Tires I would say Yes You could do wit a bit more. No need to black them out. But indicate what size. one line could do that. Some time one tire on the car can speak for all.