first sketch post, looking for criticism

sketch i did today on some really rough canson(?). just marker pastel and prismacolor

This is a good start. You’ve grasped the medium pretty well. I am going to comment mostly on the technical side rather than the form language. If you would like further feedback on the form, submit some prelim sketches or text focusing on your intent, and I think others can chime in a little more with better feedback.

For me, the back end reads much better than the front, as my ends is drawn there. I think the head lamps are a little off slightly, or maybe I’m reading this wrong. They seem to be floating in the area, and not really set into the panel. A simple highlight with a prisma white pencil below the lamp can indicate the pocket it sits in. Proportions are okay, but I think for a sports car you can really push this more. Also, lose the smoke, I don’t think it really supports anything. You could also push your wheel shapes to more of a 5 spoke rather than a 4. Again, these are all minor issues. I think it’s a good start and your 5th rendering should be much better. Keep going and do some more. This is a good place to get feedback…