Martin's Sketchbook

Hi all here are my try in sketchbook pro, its poor but I sketching just few months.

Not bad for sketching a couple of months for sure, the top is probably better than most of the cars I draw. Just make sure to watch your perspective.

The one on the top doesn’t seem to have a clear Vanishing Point on the right as some lines seem to converge, others slightly diverge, and some seem about parallel, those are relatively minor, the big thing that jumped out at be was the perspective of the front wheel and spacing between the wheels, typically cars have around 2.5 - 3 wheels of space between front and back, you’re about 3.5, which would not be so bad if the perspective was right.

The one on the bottom, looks a little strange, the green house looks too small for the rest of the car.

I attached something to help show what I mean about the top one, hope you don’t mind.

Good work, look forward to seeing where you get to in a few more months! :sunglasses:

hej you’r right, I dont see it before, with construction is my whole perspective wrong, but I will be better and better, I think …
thanks for crit.

anytime, can’t wait to see more of your work!

quick sketch before sleeping

same problem with the ellipses on the front wheel and fender, they need to be at a smaller degree than the rear wheel and fender and the major axis should be slightly closer to vertical

watch your linework up front, getting a little hairy

nice practice though

Clean sketch ready to render, maybe I’ll add more details.

Huge improvement from the last in terms of perspective and line quality!
Looking forward to the render!

HUGE improvement. Fantastic job listening to the great feedback IDiot.

some progress

Now I working on formula based car, I have allready clean sketch without details.
All crits welcome.

You’ve got the perspective of thoes last few nailed. Looks sweet.

My last attempt

based on the fisheye perspective established by the body, the front wheel should be MUCH bigger. instead, it looks like the front half got a tumor and swelled like a balloon. i think it’d be nice otherwise. i’d like to see some headlights on and stuff, but that’s just some more detail work