iPad 3 Announced

iPad 3 announced:


Don’t you mean “The New iPad”?

I’m excited to see the display in person.


I prefer iPad classic.

Lots of incremental improvement, zero actual innovation, will still sell like hotcakes (hotcakes with crack inside).

Whoopty f***ing doo!

Although 2,048x1,536 res. is crazy for a 9.7 in. screen. I remember when my old G4 struggled just to run 1,600x1,200 on my 22" CRT.

Resolution is nice, but I would have bought one with the old display if it added pressure sensitivity for more realistic drawing. Am I alone in this ‘want’?

I am with you on this. Are we a big enough demographic for this? does the general consumer care? But then again did the general consumer know that their Ipad 2’s graphics where not good enough until today?

If I could pressure sensitive sketch on and Ipad i would camp out with all of the fan boys… i mean preorder.

Proper pressure sensitive capacitive touch is still a very limited, almost non-existent technology in production. There are vendors who can provide it, but none of them would be able to meet the needs of a company like Apple. Plus the use case is mostly for the .0001% of designers who actually care about stuff like that.

I honestly don’t mind the pressure issue. I’m pretty happy with Wacom’s Ipad stylus, works well with SB Pro.

The “old” iPad will now start at $399, that’s Android territory (and I mean cheap plastic, unresponsive screen, cool-as-your granma, weighs-like-a-brick piece-of-crap).

Best part is no one will know you are using an older iPad until they get up close. :smiley:

“If people can’t tell it apart, how will they know I’m better than them?!” :laughing:

Dont worry an iPad3 owner will tell you.

There is an app for that.

can’t wait to see one in the flesh…that’s pretty hardcore pixel density!

One more day 'til it arrives. :wink:

Can’t wait to get it and then draw on the back with makers or laser etch the whole thing (glass too!).

Let the RIOTs begin!!!

No wait, that’s sneakers… … never mind. As you were. :blush:

Fedex just dropped ours off. 16GB, wifi

First impressions, the screen looks really good. Text and vector based stuff look super sharp. The difference is like iPhone 3G to iPhone4. Side by side, the new iPad is slightly sharper than a 4S. Photos look good too. I need to find some good photos to put on it though to test it. I’m actually having a hard time finding photos online that use all the resolution.

It is noticeably heavier than the iPad 2. Portrait orientation you really feel it. If you’ve ever hand sanded a foam model, you’ll feel the thickness change too, but most people won’t.

This display really needs high res content. The image assets on every website I tested look fuzzy and nearly pixelated, but not quite. It makes photo heavy websites look kind of crappy. The image resolution just doesn’t match up with the sharpness of the text.

Update: I just loaded some high res images on, old product renderings 2k x 3k, 4k x 4k, and some random high res stuff from google.

This display is stunning. It’s really hard to describe the quality level, but it really is breath taking. I haven’t watched any 1080 content yet, but that’s next.