Anyone here try the new Gaomon PD 2200 HD drawing monitor?

Drawing monitors have become increasingly competitive out of China. It appears that Wacom’s (US$1700 for 22") days could be numbered. This PD 2200 is hard to believe at US$400.

Anyone try using this tool yet?

No but those Lenovo Yoga flipbooks do the job pretty well too, if you can find the right stylus.

I’ve been sketching on the Gaomon with Autodesk Sketchbook for the past week and I must say I am impressed…4 out of 5 stars.

If it still works 18 months from now, let us know, I’ll buy one as well.

Interesting comment - I remember all our old Cintiq’s eventually biting the dust at some point due to cable fatigue. I know the models have changed a lot since then (especially the bigger monitor) but a cheap and cheerful alternative might not be bad.

1080p sounds substandard for a 22-inch display.

I’m still running an ancient Cintiq 13HD and was planning to pull the trigger on a 16 Pro since it has touch capacity and ultra-high resolution. I think it’s 4K. But now I see it’s been out of production for a while and can’t find them anywhere. Why would they abandon that price-point? I’ve looked at some other potential alternatives like the XP_Pen series but can’t find anything that’s touch and with that high of screen resolution. Any suggestions?

How many people use iPad pros in place of a dedicated drawing monitor?

Already have an iPad Pro in the house, so considered going that route BUT workflow is the problem. For me, having the Cintiq as my secondary monitor allows me to quickly add notes to images for email. Additionally, I can easily render something, open in Photoshop and edit using the stylus all without having to transfer files, etc. Everyone is different though.

(Raises hand).

It’s more flat and thin, like a sheet of paper, and less hot.

For corporate decisions IT departments might look at monitors differently than mobile devices, and rubber stamp the Wacom (or other) where an iPad purchase might be questioned. The designers I know using iPads are using personal devices or have small consultancies.

I’m searching for some kind of tablet to help me with presentation sketches. Any news on the Gaomon reliability?


We’re not quite at the ralphzoontjens 18 month mark yet, but my Gaomon PD 2200 still performing well on a daily basis. In fact, I use it as my center monitor daily driver. I switch it on at 6 am every day and switch it off late in the evening. It is not 5K or anything like that, but with my eyesight it gives me the feedback I need to detail designs that I need to share with others. The only quirk is that the stylus software needs a reboot now and then to pick up the blue-tooth signal upon startup. If you’re looking to go mobile, I recommend the Microsoft Slate. I’ve set up a mirror with my desktop workstation at home for when I’m traveling. Seamless…

Out of all of my digital tools, this is among the best values lately, unlike my Line6 Relay G10 which was slapped with a recall due to fire hazzard and is now completely unusable.

Incidently…Wacom is playing to Chinese guys now. Looks a bit heavy for them. Mobile Studio Pro by Wacom and Shiro - YouTube

I took the dive and got a Gaomon M10k pro tablet (one of the models without a screen). I just doodled a bit on Friday, but it seemed nice. I used a wacom tablet screen about 10 years ago and I feel that my pen strokes are smoother on the Gaomon. Maybe my hands just got steadier or maybe it’s software. Who knows. Seems like a quality product though.

I did find the driver a little hard to configure. All of the instructions are in a English as a second language. I can definitely deal with it for the difference in price.