Wacom Ipad pen (and tablet)

Is this finally the answer everyone’s been waiting for? Pressure Sensitivity on the iPad.
Designers have been asking for this since day1. But now thats it here will it actually be adopted?

I’m for sure going to try out when its available. Hopefully it’ll live up to my expectations. Set to retail at $100.

Me too. Super interested (obviously :wink: )

This either means I’m getting an ipad or a wacom windows 8.1 tablet someday. Woohoo! 13" is a bit big though.

I’m glad it’s at least 13". I have a 12" Asus and it often feels small.

The pen nib still bothers me. There’s nothing quite so beautiful as that sharp tip of prisma to vellum on the initial stroke. Though I would have to try it out to see if it will bother me. Though some art directors will disagree with me, Ipad’s for fingers not styli drawing.