Sketchbook Pro App for iPad!

I was looking at the iPad apps and i discovered that there is a Sketchbook Pro app for the iPad. This is making me seriously consider getting the iPad. Not this weekend though, ill wait till the the hype dies down a little.
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So you can paint with your fingers or a fat stylus…?

No thanx

Does anyone know if it has pressure sensitivity? If so, I’m getting it. If not, I’ll still think about it.

No pressure sensitivity. The software does a bit of automatic blending to make strokes look more natural, but you’ll never get the same type of interaction that you can out of a Wacom.

bummer, I wonder if they will add that for gen 2?

Maybe… it’s interesting that this App was created for the iPad. It’s become obvious that the iPad isn’t really designed for “Design” work per se. And that we, as designers, aren’t necessarily the target audience (as far as using the iPad as a replacement for our laptops, workstations, etc.) With the direction of this being more of a lifestyle device, I wonder if touch sensitivity will really be necessary in future versions. The iPhone has it (correct?) so the tech. is out there, but they clearly chose not to do it on the iPad for a reason.

I still prefer my regular pen and paper… The Ipad is still to much of a gizmo for me to buy it.

But I am impatiently waiting for the Ipad-pro :wink:

ipad is not pressure sensitive. AFAIK, I think capacitive screens with pressure sensitivity are very rare/expensive.

That being said, somehow (not sure what makes it so), the SBPmobile app for iPhone seems to do a very good job at simulating it.For example, you can easily draw lines that kind of fade out at the ends. You can’t really do lighter lines or thicker lines as with a true pressure sensitive tablet, but I’d bet they could somehow do a software side trick to simulate it if they tried.

As for painting with your finger,s it’s not actually that odd. Try this, for example - hold an imaginary pen in your hand. Draw a stroke on the table. The only difference with that and not having a real pen is your index finger touches the surface, instead of being 1in or so above it if you were holding a pen (depending on your grip). It’s not as strange as it seems as from I’ve found SBPmobile to be capable of, SBPmobile on the large surface of an iPad could actually be very productive!


Sounds extremely frustrating to try and draw on that. Sounds like saving a little longer for a cintiq makes A LOT more sense if your just looking for a tool to digitally sketch. Or pick up an older gateway tablet E-295 or C-140x that use the wacom digitizer for 300-500 bucks on ebay. I’ve had one for the past year and its been great!

I think there is great potential for us designers with an iPad. A media consumption device with the delightful bonus to let you sketch on it. Remember , the iPad is not a replacement for a proper laptop or desktop.

I love my Sketchbook Pro and Cintiq 21UX. But this could be the answer to a fantasy, a really thin pad that can do digital doodles, sketches and renders possibly and be truly portable. (Other then a Modbook or tablet PC)

At least it can get roughs done before bringing into the Cintiq.

Check out the samples:

If I can get in line early enough, I plan to get one and start sketching!

And when you’re done sketching, you can use it to show your portfolio.

Wacom just needs to add a battery and a basic OS to their 12wx. Oh, and work on pricing it under $1k with these added features. Basically, aint gonna happen.

I wouldn’t say it’s impossible, but it’s tough given the fact that touch computing took off much faster then pen computing.

The tech exists for everything we want (netbook atom architecture, no keypad, Wacom digitizer over an S-IPS panel) but the niche is so small no one would ever really want to build one. But we can wish for one day…

and SOLD! thanks.

I’ve been sketching with SBpro on the iPhone, pretty fun.

Haha well everyone whos going for it PLEASE keep this updated! Very curious now haha!!!

you could make a pressure sensitive stylus – if it was battery powered and had a dock connector dongle to receive pressure wirelessly… the point would be a capacitive-compatible one

I’m not sure how hardware add-ons work with apple’s portable devices, but based on the general lack of feature add-ons this way, probably not so hot.

Here is fun little video on youtube showing Sketchbook Pro on an ipad.

Spencer Nugent’s sketch on ipad.



Time to go raid the kid’s university fund.

I’d stick with a used tabletPC, cheaper and does more.