Google Live Event


Google’s unveiling of their new line of products was quite exciting! There were the expected releases of the Pixel 2, Daydream kits, and the Pixelbook. But the unveiling of the Pixel Buds and and Google Clips was surprising. I’m really excited to learn more about the live translation abilities and touch based controls on the earbuds. The Google Clips is
an interesting concept but i’m not sure why the product has to exist? I see the AI assisted camera as not having a clear purpose besides taking random pictures of your dog or mundane home activities. Love to hear everyone’s thoughts and opinions on what they saw at the Google event!

Some interesting new products from Google.

Google Clips seems to show how they’ve learned from the Google Glass failure.
It is primarily targeted at new parents, trying to capture those magical moments of their young child in the privacy of their own home.
Big difference from going out into public with an always on camera…
I also think the photos / videos are kept localized on the device, and only transferred into the cloud or shared online if you choose to.

From an ID perspective, it’s interesting that they solved the losing a wireless ear bud problem by tethering them together. Big innovation!

It’s nice to see such a consistent design language though. It’s like Apple around iPhone 4-5, which I think is still the best generation.

LOVE the fabric tether that also serves as a wing tip as well.
Not sure how well that keeps it in the ear, but super clever how you can adjust the size just by pulling it.

Yeah I’m really glad to see a consistent design language. Everything feels a part of a single product family. I agree that tethering them together paired with also allowing you to hook them around your ears was a brilliant solution.

Yeah I’m loving the design of the earbuds, the fabric tether was a highlight for sure.