IPod Nano is freaking awesome!

This is the way the original IPod should have been designed.
I am getting one 4 sure.
Beautiful piece of material.

dude, wait for the memory to go up like next week.

For $50 more you can get the ipod photo with way more memory…

I love it though.

It’s amazing what putting a radius on the corners of a friggin rectangle can do.
I like it, but for the simple fact that it’s a cool little techy device, not because the design itself is stunning.

Ever read through the “new products” section of Innovation or ID? It’s full of flatscreen monitors, MP3 players and cellphones. Although there are a few that are breathtaking designs, most of them receive attention for the fact that they include high-end technology. The little snipits about the design never go into depth on the development or how they came about the shape. Nope, just goes and and on about how many USB ports the thing has. That’s not industrial design. That’s electrical engineering.

I still like my shuffle, I’m sticking with it.

But If Apple really wants to impress me with their industrial design prowess they can design a pair of earphones for the iPod that actually work. The ubiquitous standard white ones hurt like hell and the replacement one aren’t much better, they require that you shove them all the way into your ear canal to get any bass response.

The fact that I’ve found websites that tell people how to hack their apple earphones to make them work correctly tells everyone that there is a problem. My personal favorite is the one that tells you to go out and by a $20 dollar pair of Sony earbuds so you can use their better fitting pads on your $39 Apple upgrades. God forbid anyone use non-white headphones with their iPods.