Nike eyeD - 2014 Device Singularity

Hope you enjoyed this post for the last month. It seemed to be pretty well received and sparked others to start putting projects up even though I expected more. Don’t be afraid to post old projects, there is still alot to teach/learn from these as well.

I will try to post another over the holidays. Maybe furniture or lighting next time.



I will have to post a reply in a second, have to let it all sink in. I think i have already watched to quicktime movie like 50 times. Thank you, this is a really unforgetable post.

Once I get some projects out of legal liabilities I will try and post also, everyone needs to see designs like this.

Thank you again,


I dont get tired of saying again and again that your work is very impressive, inspirational and extremely well executed.

It is cool to see the thinking behind the project.
Thanks for posting this!


This is truly awesome stuff, and really hope that we can continue to see stuff like this from the rest of the community!! Keep it comin’!

Thanks for posting-- very enjoyable and inspirational.

I like the Studio Mod furniture concepts discreetly used in the final scene of the video. :slight_smile:

I noticed those too, from the design-engine contest. I want to see a person in that bike thingy, see how you interact with it.

i don’t understand. almost 1000 views and so little said. or asked. whats wrong with the design community?

since no one is asking (and i’ve waited), i’ll unload some questions.

  • one week from start to video complete?
  • internal Nike project or studiomod? or other?
  • CAD reminds me of Pro/Designer. correct?
  • details of runner video? stock footage?
  • compositing app(s) used?
  • solar hex based on? (note: new light antennas look like sea creatures)
  • why not recharge using MS’s body network patent/concept combined with MEMs/solar clothing? or did i miss that?
  • why LEDs and not OLEDs or something entirely organic? except for flash maybe.
  • how to get accurate GPS and overcome government-created error (military imposed)?
  • didn’t understand Navigation notes. gyroscopic/voice/touch? seem incongruent. explain?
  • idea reminds me of Gibson’s writing (esp couple short stories). influenced?
  • why isn’t the eye the camera (ala Gibson)? or a contact lens which has an organic zoom function?

Wow. That is some fantastic work. It’s very impressive for sure.

I, too, am interested in hearing the answers to ykh’s questions. I’ve got a couple of my own, if you don’t mind. One week seems real quick for so much work to be done.

  • How many people on the team?

  • What were their responsibilities?

    //edit: added props to the designer :slight_smile:

So, that was friggin nice. I would like to know what was used to produce the film.

Sorry for not replying. I promise to take a few minutes this weekend and answer the questions if I can.

Surprised there are not more questions. I like the questions from ykh. Everyone should feel free to discuss, debate, question these project posts. Not that I can or have the time to discuss all the time but among each other as well. Not sure why people are afraid to ask the “hard” questions. These are the questions that make a difference during a real project and too many people on project teams don’t ask them. In the end the hard questions or challenging POVs, which some designers take offense to, ultimately make your product better.

Thanks for the quick reply Scott. I look forward to hearing your answers to the simple questions we’ve asked. Perhaps I’ll have more difficult questions about the interpersonal relationships among team members after you tell us a little more about the team size and responsibilities.

In general, I’m curious to know which concepts, features, and/or issues were most controversial.

A few questions:


  • So, it is my understanding that the earpiece is a disposible sticker, but how costly are these to produce? And how much doe will the consumers have to dish out for replacements?

Heart Rate Monitor Q’s:
-Also, is the HRM as accurate or more accurate than the Chest strap that is currently on the market? (I am sure athletes and especially runners/bikers would very much like a HRM that transmits a high frequency of their heart rate.) For example, Going from a jog to a sprint causes the current HRM (chest strap) to jump from a low heart rate to a very high heart rate without transmitting the numbers in between. It causes some confusion for the runner. (Leads them to question accuracy of the product)

-Will the HRM be able to temporarily record the Heart rate statistics so that the more intense athlete can perhaps view a graph of his Heart performancea after his/her workout?

-How about intergrating cell phone technology… ( I am sure there are plenty of athletes that would love to talk during their workout) Also, what if the athlete could comminicate with his Coach while he/she is working out.?

Thanks a lot for the post.

Good questions. I will try to answer when I have time.

  • We essentially had 3 main people on the team
    – Myself, Stefan Andren (nike), and Joe Kosinski (KDLAB)… and Dean DeSimone threw in some graphics for the UI

  • Me- Project lead, scenarios, spec, device design, accessories, CAD modeling, art direction

  • Stefan - tech advise (being recently from Motorola), device design, UI and graphics, spec

  • Joe Kosinski - Rendering, photography, video, environment modeling, compositing

We all worked closely together to pull this off. The consistent thing about all of us is that we share the disease (workaholic, perfectionist, design addict).

There is something about the fact that it was done so quick that we didn’t have time to second guess ourselves.

And since I didn’t touch on the form factor in the first post…initially we thought about foldable flexible displays, etc. But we decided an ID sized display with a LiquidMetal semi flexible frame was a nice evolution of a wallet. The edge to edge display was good for most personal needs but could be coupled via Giga-bit WiFi easily with bigger, even wall sized displays, for work or presentation…

  • earpiece - I can’t recall the exact idea here actually, Maybe Stefan can chime in. I seem to recall some technology that was cost efficient and disposable. The PDF spec also mentions that these stickers were only used for in-sport competition and non-disposable wireless buds for casual listening

  • Well, I hope the HRMs in 10 years are better than those damn straps today. They are getting better every year. And the software that smoothes out the noise caused by the strap moving is better now. Ultimately, we will be taking heartrate from something other than chest strap.

  • many companies already have this information downlaodable to the PC. Our Triax Elite system allows you to create a singular workout or plan on a calendar-based PC app. You then download it to the watch and do your thing. Afterwards you can compare heartrate to speed and distance. It really helps you track progress… and motivates you!

  • it is a phone. That was one of WIRED’s requistes. and seamless communication with team and coach are important as well as audible Smart coahing from the device.

Well, I am off to China. Hope I answered most of the questions. I will check back in a couple weeks… and try to post another project before the end of the year.


while these are in my mind:

  • length of time to create video? personal interest here. thanks.

  • Explore? Techlab? assume these are internal divisions. or external?

  • Rhino. i recognize the grid plane now. GUI mod. been wanting to do that with Maya.

  • i suspected CG runner. gait was too perfect. like vidgame run cycle. and velocity didn’t quite jive. looks good tho. Character Studio rig/anim?

  • rendered with which engine? Brazil/VRay/MR/other? at what rez? how long to render?

  • wonder where Casio got solar hex… (light antenna’s brand new. nanotube tech. look like rows of tube sponges. works similar to regular antenna. amplitude or frequency modulation. interesting stuff. i wanna “hear” the sun!)

  • MS Body network uses skin as conductor. i’ll PM later with more info and suggestion. i might have patent linked as well.

  • was researching OLEDs. they are nice. cant recall now but seemed there was some basic limitation caught my attn. made me think of deep sea critters and their illum tech. protein-based i think.

  • accelerometer came to mind too. and i used triangulation recently for a similar purpose. wonder if you could use a digital tv signal? be like a high-tech, high-accuracy Loran-C.

  • company in FL makes a digital gyro. pretty small package. but not small enough. yet. i have contact if you want. good guy.

  • what do i do?

  • industry?

dont like discussing myself here. can include w PM.


Claiming that a glamourized PDA will solve the problems of obesity is not only absurd but it is really a clear picture into the twisted thinking that goes on in an powerful and elitist corporation.

Maybe I am taking this (extremely beautiful and well-executed) project too seriously but you are exploiting the very real problem of obesity as a P.R. stunt for Nike. The picture you paint of a Nike car parked at an elite track with an elite athlete in an elite house using your elite and technology-drunk device frankly gives me the chills.

Nike’s entire ad campaign is based on a big lie- that elite athletes will inspire everyone to just do it. Unless you’ve been in Portland too long, you must know that Nike’s use of elite athletes is simply a very effective marketing system to sell more stuff. Americans spend way more time talking about athletes than participating in sports. Nike only serves as a representation of fitness, a way to participate without actually Doing It. This device uses every available technology to perpetuate The Lie.

Do we really need social advice from a corporation?

I am simultaneously offended and impressed by your project.

say hi to Danny

-mike simonian

There are plenty of real athletes that they cater too. Granted, non-athletic style junkies also buy their stuff just to look athletic but that doesn’t detract from the true intended users. I’d imagine that they wouldn’t be selling this at the local foot locker in the mall to cater to weekend warriors, but rather a catalog like Eastbay where athletes get their real stuff for competition or training.

mike, would like to see the socially-responsible projects on which you’re working. not a slight. but if sincere in your comments, i’m sincerely interested.