Wacom tablet - rotating page?

Hey all non-Cintiq Wacom users.

How do you guys deal with rotating the page/canvas when sketching?

I’m a t0tal newbie at sketching overall,
and I find it quite difficult to be able to sketch stuff while having my tablets (Intuous 4 small and medium)
parallel to the edge of my monitor
(since I’m used to rotating my page to a comfortable angle as needed, when I’m sketching on paper).

I am a paper spinner and before i was using a cintiq, I would set up photoshop to rotate the canvas 90 deg using f3 for CCW and f4 CC.
Its a non issue now as both R will rotate the canvas in PS and spacebar will do the same in SBP.

Also, why do you need to have your tablet aligned with the monitor? Set it for whatever is comfortable.

But I’m sure you wouldn’t rotate paper to just hard 90 deg angles, would you?
How would get all those in-between angles on PS/SBP?

(Or maybe I’m just too n00b of a sketcher, and need to start adapting to this technique as opposed to free-rotation)

if you rotate the canvas 90 it wont mess with the image sizes, try it and you’ll see what i mean. But its a moot point since PS added the ability to dynamically rotate the canvas similar to what painter has done for years.

I’m not worried about messing up image sizes or anything like that…I’m more concerned about getting the appropriate feedback from the tablet onto the screen.

Eh…nevermind. Ingleesh isn’t my primary language, and thus I can’t quite describe my problem to you.

Stand up and rotate your body :slight_smile: