A rotating stand for sketching -Wacom Cintiq Companion


I know this is a sketching thread but I thought I would share my product design since I feel its relevant. This is a combination case, and rotating stand that I designed for the Wacom Cintiq Companion. The stand function allows the artist to turn the device rather than turn the page on the screen. Shown in video below.

I noticed that it was more natural myself. I did a small case study with a local sketch artist and noticed that they were also turning the tablet to hit their most natural pen stroke.

Is it more natural to turn the device or rotate via gesture or command?


Isaiah Coberly

Hi Isaiah,

This is a neat case and nice that it makes flipping more natural. I do myself prefer using the software rotation tool, whether it is Sketchbook or Photoshop, just because you can go in finer increments than 90 degrees (IMO that is still the closest thing to rotating a piece of letter-sized paper on a desk). However, I am a little weird in my Cintiq views – I like the scale and manageability of the 13HD and Companion to the larger, more standard Cintiqs, where most would just go for the larger screen – so I am sure that with all the opinionated designers/illustrators out there you will please someone!

Hello Isaiah,

Im late adding to this post. I like the concept of your flip steady. It is very origami in nature. My only concern from first glance is, would I really use it that much since it is similar in size and weight of a sketch pad? Also, after a month of use, would the rigidity of the frame start to get soft or fail? Do you have any updates?

I just ordered a Cintiq Companion Hybrid, so I will add my 2 cents on the existing kickstand and without it once I start using it. Cheers.

Interesting concept. It seems like it may be a bit clunky for the way that I draw since you go to predefined angles, but I can see it marketed as being a flexible stand so you can place it however you want.
To accomplish this same thing manually, on my old Tecra notebook, I just bought a lazy susan from home depot for about $5 and put a rubber cabinet liner on it for grip and I could spin it 360 seamlessly the exact same as if it was a sheet of paper on the desk.
Good concept though and nice presentation of it

Skinny, the lazy Susan seems like a pretty nifty idea. :smiley: I’m on day 3 with my companion hybrid and I find myself sketching without the stand completely. I find the tablet slightly heavy for the existing stand. It felt flimsy and cumbersome. I love sketching on my lap or flat down on the desktop. I use the soft case as a protective buffer while I spin the cintiq in different drawing angles. I guess it feels more like drawing on paper. I agree with skinny on the presentation, very nice job.

well guys! I sold a whole bunch of them and people love them. I made a new version for the Cintiq Companion 2 and found ways to eliminate the use of the snap fasteners as well as most elastic. I recycle inner tube rubber into my latest design. The rubber is working very well but is more to process than the elastic. Its a pretty disgusting process to clean, laser cut and clean again but Im really enjoying playing with the shapes of rubber pieces. The rubber selection for each case makes each case unique and thats pretty cool… You can check itout at my webpage. www.flipsteady.com

Thanks for watching my video and posting comments. I love feedback alot. Nice to know that you thought the presentation was on a good track. Im thinking about about my next presentation for the Companion case. Something that should have been made in March. Its taking a while. Damn its easy to get seduced by an ambitious idea! I should just buckle down and get out the camera. :slight_smile: