Wacom tablet, learning curve.


As a current ID student, I have been working (and spoiled) on Cintiq’s on campus in our labs, which I absolutely love, but sometimes they can get crowded, so I decided to get my own Wacom intuos tablet to use at home (not a Cintiq, too expensive). I know that the differences between the two are major, since on the Cintiq you can draw on the screen and the other not… but anyone know what the learning curve for drawing on the tablet is? and would it be better for now, until I get the hang of the tablet, do my line drawings on paper, scan them and use the tablet strictly for rendering, or should I just give it a go and start line drawing on the tablet? Anyone who uses the Wacom tablets have a preference? Thanks guys!

I too was wary of the disconnect between tablet and screen. For me, what worked was the ability to rotate the canvas (available in sketchbook pro and painter, im not sure about photoshop CS4) since I didn’t have to ‘relearn’ to draw with a fixed canvas. it took me about 3 days of sketching at work to get a decent hang of it.

I also got a tablet laptop, but for some reason vista and sketchbook dont play nice and I cant rotate the canvas. even though sketching on the screen is nice, i end up on the wacom since rotating the whole laptop is cumbersome.

so yeah, give it a try and I say within a week you should be pretty confident.


Thanks for that insightful reply. I appreciate it. I will give it some time, practice on it and see how it goes. By the way, since I am still totally new to Wacom and its many features, I had no idea you could rotate the canvas on the Cintiq or the Wacom tablet! News to me. :slight_smile: I usually manually rotate the Cintiq when using it, but for a Wacom tablet, rotating the canvas with a short cut key would certainly help, instead of manually turning that bulky tablet! Thanks d-flux!

PS- I just realized after re-reading your original reply, that you said this “rotate” canvas feature is available in Sketchbook Pro, which I use. Which key short cut is it or how is it done? Thanks!

rotate canvas is new to SBP 2009. Photoshop CS4 has it too but only you have the right video Nvidia video card. Adobe CS4 pushes a lot of processing to the video cards now, which enables canvas rotating, smooth zoom, flick panning, some other stuff too.

I don’t think you’re posting this in the right topic (I’d make a new one). Canvases are usually meant to be painted on. Don’t use it for a pencil sketch. Get a pad of illustration paper from Strathmore or Borden/Riley. And the artist (that means you) decides when it is a finished product. Why would painting on canvas mess it up? that’s the point of a canvas.

Anyway, I find your questions difficult to answer because they aren’t phrased very well. But yes, for a pencil sketch, please spray fixative on it afterwards. BUT DONT DO IT ON CANVAS. GET SOME ILLUSTRATION PAPER.

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