TIP: More natural rotation when sketching on wacom cintiq

Just thought I throw a tip in here for rotating the canvas when sketching on a Wacom tablet, if you, like I do, prefer to turn the paper when you sketch by hand (because the turning is immediate) and if your software’s canvas rotate tool slows down your computer too much.

I’ve also posted this on unplggd.com.

Buy an $8.00 Snugga lazy susan from Ikea and place it under your tablet. Make a few minor adjustments with regards to your cord and stuff, and voila! You’ve got yourself an easy and stable turning table for your Wacom. The Snudda is 15" in diameter and has a rubber bottom so it doesn’t wobble or slip.

Hope this helps. If this works for you or if you have other alternatives, I’d love to hear about them, too.