Anyone know of a drawing program that allows you to “tilt” the canvas?

Currently I use PS (CS3) - can’t do it without selecting pixels and turning them. Tried older sketchbook pro, cannot either. Use Wacom with this, want to make it easier to render my line sketches I scan in. Does Painter do it? THanks.

you mean Rotate Canvas

Basically came out of Corel Painter

SBP 2010 has it, but the default is to disable it because it’s heavy on the GPU, so you have to turn it on.

I believe it also came out in CS4, but only on the 64 bit edition?

Thanks, I mean a way to turn the “canvas” as you sketch, like you would with a real piece of paper. I guess I could turn the WACOM but I don’t have a lot of desk space. thx.

I think you also need a special Nvidia graphics card series. I saw a demo at CES last year that was pretty sweet, also had a “flick pan” for panning around the canvas. I’ve yet to see it in the wild though.

If I understand you correctly, SPB 2010 (& 2011) does do that. It’s very dynamic & non destructive (it doesn’t rotate the actual file, just your view of it). Download the demo and give it a try (like IDiot said, it’s not on by default, but once you turn in on just hold space and drag the rotate circle) . Unless you have a Cintiq, rotating the Wacom won’t likely work, no matter your space. At least for me, I tried to do that with an Intuous (before SPB 2010) but my hand was trained to follow the Wacom’s orientation so it was just awkward (I compensated by making hotkeys to rotate 90 degrees if needed).

I don’t think you need a special graphics card for it. My old computer had a old crappy video card and it worked. However, I got a bigger monitor before the new computer and it was having a tough time managing the additional pixels.

My PS CS5 64bit does this as well (called Rotate View tool, hotkey is R).

YEs, SBP 2010, and 2011 have rotate canvas. It appears on the puck that pops up when you hold the spacebar down. You don’t need a powerful video card to use it, just one with plenty of RAM! SBP basic rotates the image in OpenGL and thus the whole image has to be inserted into texture memory. If you find the brush lagging in rotation mode on your computer, try making the active window smaller as that helps. My “mature” macbook pro with nvidia 8600m GT (256mb) handles it no problem though starts to lag on larger files.

I didn’t think CS5 had to be 64bit for this feature but I could be wrong.

CS4 and CS5 have it… just press “R”… coincidentally just learned this from one of our designers…

It’s graphics card dependent. As mentioned before, PS and SBP have it (although in SBP 2011 they removed the rotate tool from the spacebar shortcut. dumb.)

It’s in psd cs4, you just have to turn on the open gl in the preferences, then just hit “r”. I actually like the way it works better in psd, it’s a little bit easier to work with. In sbp, once you hit the space, you have to consciously aim to get to the second ring to rotate, otherwise you might just scale your view. Photoshops is slightly easier.

I also found though in sbp, if you’re having trouble with memory or lagging, you can lower your hardware acceleration a notch and it will fix the problem. That used to happen to me while using sbp on a tecra tablet in tablet mode, the display would lag and get slow (even though it’s perfect speed when not in tablet mode?!) So lowering the hardware acceleration fixed that but it will leave “artifacts” on the screen sometimes until you do something that clears that area like panning, etc…

On my Macbook, I can simply use a multi-touch twist on the trackpad to do this in PS–very fast and natural.

SBP2011 still has it, you just need to enable it in the preferences. After that it’ll still appear when you hit space.