This is how you sell a car

“There is luxury in a Bentley, speed in a Ferrari, comfort in Bugatti.
For everything else, there’s this 1996 Nissan Maxima; aged 17 years.”

That’s pretty damn funny. Probably still won’t sell the car but should get enough voice over and video production work from the video to buy a pretty sweet new ride

His ads are also pretty funny. Too bad it is so difficult to read the copy.

that is awesome.

According to the YouTube comments Nissan (unsure whether it was a dealer or actually corporate) bought the car from him for $1000.00 and donated the same amount to Wounded Warrior. So happy ending

Awesome! I hope that’s true.

Really cool. I was curious so I did a bit of digging…

Here’s the tweet from Nissan:
"We’re now proud owners of @IkonikFilms 1996 Maxima! Help us and @motorauthority figure out what to do with it next! "

And Luke Aker’s website (the creator):