Pirated Ferrari!

Hehe, a fun thread to see how a Ferrari is transformed and made from a NSX!

close but no cigar! too much money on their hands

What a waste. What a TOTAL waste!!!

WOW, that makes me a bit sad. That is probably the most time, money and effort ever spent ruining a decent car. Sad commentary on some people’s priorities.

My classmate has a 91 red NSX. I wonder what will he say abt this. He’s a bit of “ricer” though.

the was a nice nsx, minus the gay wing. I think that’s why you’re supposed to kill a Fiero. Hope they can click undo! Has anyone ever seen a nice ferrari conversion. The really funny thing is, I just saw a camaro (i think) to testarossa kitcar on my lunch break, looked a little worse though. MR2 for life baby!

I’ve seen worse. My dad bought a '78 911 that had the later models fender flares. He examined them closer and finally cut them off because they were too wavy…of course they were molded with cardboard and the guy had used so much resin it was still moist inside the fenders!

It looks like these guys used styrofoam and spent some time thinking it all out.

The work they did was awsome, and is common place for small shops when developing aftermarket bolt on parts. A friend and I did this in highschool to develope a line of front facia, side skirts, funtional ram-air (graduated in 92 so before RA TA came out again in 96)and cowl induction hoods, and custom hatches for the 82-92 Firebird/Trans Ams. Made our first set like that, however we made molds from the high density foam, then pulled the parts from the molds. Saved on the bondo, as well as allowed us to take sell the parts to other Gen 4 F body fans. We made 15k profits from the orders from our first two car shows. Big A Street Machine Nationals, and Gateway Custom Cars.

Main purpose that started it was the need to have a hood that could encapslate Kurts multiport 454 and my dual carbed 502, as well as allow effective cooling and airflow to the radiator, engine oil coolers, transmition coolers and brake rotors.
We just figured we could make some money while at it

into kurts 82 Trans Am, and my 86 Trans Am WS-6

What an incredible waste of time, money, and an NSX. What are you going to get with a fake F50 (40?) that you can’t get with an NSX?

It reminds me of an interview with steve jobs about the iPod. The reporter asked what he thought would happen once people started copying the trademark white headphones…Jobs replied something like, “Maybe. But then the girl comes along and asks to see what’s on your iPod, and you pull out a CD player, and she walks away.”

So…personally, I think it’s better to have a real NSX than a fake Ferrari. They’re still a rare enough car for most anyone.

why would you want to take that much time and money? probably cheaper to just buy the ferrari

…too bad. It was a real nice NSX, now it is a cheap looking ferrari knockoff, worthless.

it must be a Japanese phenomenon.

I’ve seen a carbon fiber Lotus Europa/type 47 replica from Japan. I continue to ask why? You could probably buy a dozen of the best road-going examples, or a couple real 47’s, for what it must have cost!

I’d have to see it upclose, but I’m impressed with the craftsmanship. Used cars are dirt cheap in Japan, I’m sure the original NSX didn’t cost them much to aquire. Who knows, the car could’ve had salvage title.

What’s great are the low-rider vans in the background. You don’t see them here in the States. :smiley:

I think that it is an impressive engineering/bodywork project, but I agree that it is probably pointless. But some people do stuff like this for fun.

Now for something really ridiculous:
Check out this bike I built a couple of summers ago. Part '81 suzuki 450s and gsx100, part honda, part combine… :smiley:

I’m pretty sure the site is Chinese not Japanese

it is a much more interesting project when you scroll up from the bottom of the page to the top of the page. The result is a pretty good looking nsx!