Pretty cars

The 370Z seems to have really divided opinions on the board. Yo said something that stuck with me, “Why can’t we just design pretty cars”. Hmmm.

Post up a pic of what you consider a pretty car. I’ll post mine once we have a few to consider (You know mine will be weird, European and old…probably).

okey, I feel tempted. Hm.: In no particular Order:

FIAT Spider

:arrow_right: post recalled into the works at 22.00h CET, due to not listening to the customer… : :bulb:

These are a couple of my favorite cars, the lancia Stratos and the Lamborghini Muira.

Both of these were re-imagined as retro styled concept cars in the past few years, to no avail. The original designs are of their era, and defined it. The success of the new Mini Cooper is based on it’s cuteness and performance moreso than nostalgia.
As much as I admire the old classics, we can’t just mine the past. This is what bothers me about the Nissan 370ZX. It isn’t original enough.

Two additional criteria:

  1. pick one car only.

  2. The car should be “pretty” Robin, do you think the Stratos is pretty? I’m betting no.

one? ouch.

how about pretty per decade?

ONE ? !

o.k. I’ll alter the post obove. shame on me for not listening.


Actually, yes I do think the Stratos is pretty but I don’t expect that it fits the criteria you have in mind.
I guess that leaves me with just the Muira (if only!).
I was going to add more, but I’ll restrain myself.

Too pretty for words.

That is one sexy car!!!

that makes me think…will all these examples be expensive ass cars?

hrm…maybe instead of decades, price ranges are more appropriate

Google image search for pretty car=

so this must be the prettiest car

sorry, I’m having a hard time with finding a car that I think really deserves the descriptor “pretty”

Lotus Elite (designed by accountant and amateur stylist Peter Kirwan-Taylor):

Pretty is boring. It means that we are not stretching for something new. New creeps up on you. If you wait for new to grow on you-its too late and you are the follower, not the leader.

I have to respectfully disagree. Pretty takes a discerning eye and a restrained hand. Wacky is easy, subtle is hard.

Good choice.

I’m breaking the one car rule. Big time. That is like saying who is the most beautiful woman? Impossible. My list of beautiful cars is just as varied as my list of beautiful people would be (from an aesthetic point of view). I find all of these cars beautiful for varying reasons. I’ll think of more.





getting into my alphas and porsches here…