Some Car Sketching

Hey Core,

So I’ve been a member for awhile now…and I made a post several years ago of some sketches I had done (Which I was pretty proud of at the time!) I’ve since graduated from ASU with an ID degree, and throughout my education I was pretty focused on improving my sketching ability. These are the 2 pages I posted on Core almost 7 years ago…

I was always interested in drawing cars, so I’ll probably show a majority of my car sketches but I might throw in some of my school stuff as well. I’d love to get some critique on how I can improve! I use a Wacom Intuos3 and Sketchbook Pro for sketches, Photoshop for color/renders.

And I had a made a little video of the above page being sketched out, it’s sped up quite a bit but you can sort of see my process…or more just how I keep refining/editing the sketches to “fix” them as best I can. I know I’ve still got some issues with cars in perspective (That bottom right one bothers me haha)

(Strugglin’ with the embedded video stuff, lol)

So these are just some of my sketches, I can upload some renders I’ve done as well…I wanted to focus on sketching/proportions before moving into color/value. But I still try and render cars every so often. Feedback would be extremely appreciated!

Have a great day,

What a transformation between the old sketches and your current ones!
Just goes to show how much regular practice will help sketching ability.
I haven’t tried my hand much at sketching cars, but from the images above, I think your skills are pretty high! the sheets you have put together are laid out well with a good flow to each sketch.

Congrats on the good work, Ill look forward to seeing some more stuff in the future :slight_smile:

very nice development. Good work!

Took a flip through your site as well. Some really nice work. This sketch in particular.

mcpbowman - Thank you for the kind words! It’s a lot of fun for me to look back at my old work as well haha, I managed to find a couple more old sketches from around the same time - I think 2010…I was 16 at the time, still in high school but I had always known I wanted to study ID.

Yo - Thank you as well, it’s fun to see you still posting regularly on here! I remember when you gave me the critique on my sketches years ago…always positive and helpful. I know I watched that shoe sketch video of yours with the Young Folks track at least a hundred times lol.

I also really like that Porsche 906 sketch haha, I felt that the change from warm to cool would make for an interesting drawing, as well as show off the simple form of those old cars.

Here are a few more sketches:

from 2010

3rd year at ASU

little more recent~

Haven’t updated this post in awhile - I’ve had a crazy year…but I hope everyone’s enjoying their holidays! I thought I would post this video I did a couple weeks ago, in case anyone wants to see some of the process I go through for a car render. Still a lot of mistakes (and it is kind of a funky looking little car), but it’s interesting to see the design take shape from the sketch to the final render.

Let me know what you guys think! I’d love to hear some feedback.