I never thought id say this but...

Im actually having fun drawing cars!

its probably only because, they are turning out good :]

_Ive always really hated drawing cars, mainly cuz i just could not draw them no matter how much i tried!
But, although these arent perfect, i personally think its one of the best sketches i have ever done for a car.

And therefore, im starting to really enjoy it!

Im drawing these with prismacolors

I originally posted these on ‘speed and design’ Early this morning like 1-3am.
But i was a bit disappointed to see that no one really criticizes my sketches.
In other words, they are just ‘too nice!’

So i ask, rip me apart!
and let me know what im doing wrong, and how i can fix it!

first two are copies… sort of
(references from the S&D random sketches gallery on the left tab of home page)

these two are my own concept sketches
1st one - no brand

2nd one - volvo c30

3 more i did just now!

2 more side views
(references google: ‘Honda’)

1 3/4 view - concept sketch

i just did 2 more…

now i must sleep… its 3:34am here!

1st one- quick referenced sketch

i drew this in a weird order,
i first drew the hood > headlights > front dam > fenders > front windshield > side door panel > side windshield > wheel wells > roof > finish and clean up sketch

way to go!

I was at a museum exhibit the other day, about comic books (totally awesome), and they had a draw your own comic table set up for kids. I totally showed this little kid how to draw a car, I explained proportion and perspective. It was a cool thing to show someone else how to do something. Spreading the love I guess.

Nice sketches. I can relate to your prior frustration. I have yet to feel good with my car drawings. These are looking great though!

Right on man, keep going.

The fun is coming through! Great job.

Thanks yo!

i went back to analog sketching.
So heres two i did a few days ago.

i wanted to practice seeing to application studies.
proportion, perspective things like that.
so i used a reference image to try to draw it.

anyways here are the results.

still not confident in wheels, so i havnt even attempted it yet.

You are getting a lot more expression out of that pencil! I’d stick with that for now and introduce color just a little bit at a time. Try just rendering a tail lamp, or a window reflection, while keeping the rest pencil.

Congrats dude, always good to hear about progress, keep my motivation up atleast.

I actually had a similar experience last night, everything just worked, and looked like someone who knew their way around sketching had made it. I still cant believe it was my sketches.

Keep pushing yourself!

Did a few car sketches today.
Let me know what you think.


I had the 1st live broadcast today, less than an hour ago.

Mason (MBW17) had requested me to demo a hummer sketch.
So i did that, here’s the image of the finished drawing.
Sorry for the wrinkles in the paper.

And here the Recorded version of the live broadcast.
Unfortunately, I forgot to press the record button, the first half of the video.
(this is a non-edited live demo, it is extremely long!)


Its not the most fun video, but if you are participating in the live broadcast, you can ask for your own requests which i will do for you on the spot.
(You must make an account to participate in the live broadcasts)

Im also debating whether or not, i should reply back to the live requests with my voice, instead of typing it out in the chatroom box, which would make it slightly less boring, haha.

Enjoy, let me know what you think!
and sign up!