Siavash's Sketching Journey

Hi, I’m trying to improve my skills and prepare a portfolio enter a Transportation Design course. my top goal is ACCD or CCS however it may seem such a long shot I’d try to do my best. finally, here I’ll put some of my works and encourage you to critique my work and give me some advice about possible solutions about my short comings in terms of idea development or skills.

a few more

what is killing your sketches are the proportions. They look like micro machines because they are very short. I took your last sketch and skewed it, worked it, and liquified it into a supercar proportion. Same sketch, just changed the proportions.

Also, if you want to get into ACCD or CCS, they are maniacal about presentation style. Work on getting your scans and images of your sketches as clean as possible. I had a friend there who had to do an entire assignment over because he smudged his signature on the sketch.

Thanks for your reply. I believe the points you’ve made are valid,(However I feel that SWB proportions are more appealing to myself :wink: ). How about the sketching style? I sometimes feel that my sketches are not interesting enough or are too simple or crowded from time to time, is there a way that I can improve in this subject?

Some more sketches. Still looking forward to your critiques! help me get better :wink:

Quick rendering

some more.
by the way do you know any active car design forums? seems most of them are pretty much abandoned and people around here aren’t that interested in Trans design.

Some more