Portfolio Global Design

…the one thing i’m not sure about is the 3D cars …they look interesting but they so geometric …it’s like you you kind of let the computer build them… they look too sharp …or too angular …they don’t flow…they don’t seem very unify…they look like angular legos…grey and green car …

your products are very artistic…I like the colors but they look like they wouldn’t be very functional has product…maybe it just your style…so its cool…

your porfolio tell me that you very good in CAD and you like very shiny and colorful things…which is great…but is there not alot of info on how you solve problems…how you come up with ideas …anyway my 2cent…

one point on the naviagtion-

i actually found it kinda confusing. the boxes that go from project to project on the bottom left are very clear and easy to use. i didnt see the small arrows however under the picture until i was almost done, so missed a lot of the different images per project. also the small arrows seem to go from project to project when they are on the last image of the project, so do the same as the big square buttons.

either label your navigation, make only 1 navigation, or make things more intuitive (with different iceons, thumbnails, or other usable feature hints).

nice 3d work though in the content.

agreed, that if you are making the portfolio as a desinger vs. a 3d modeller, more process and sketching is required.


ps. english translation would be nice to depending on where you are looking for work.

Hi David,

I looked at your portfolio. First of all ik liked your use of colors, it is fresh. What often occurs to me with portfolios as well as with yours there is almost no process visible. In my opinion a designers makes the right choices in terms of comfort of use, costs, production methods, materials etc. It would be nice if one could see why your designs are actually that good.

Hope you can use my remarks.