Portfolio Feedback

Would you guys please provide constructive feedback based on my updated portfolio. I have attached the link below.


my thoughts:

The Good

  • excellent sketching skills in your Concept Art section
  • strong CAD and technical skills
  • strong 3D rendering skills

The Bad

  • make the navigational experience more visual instead of relying on fly-out menus (see ECCOID); use images instead of words for your portfolio projects. (shouldn’t be too hard to do in Flash)
  • need to rethink your choice of background colors in your sketched renderings (LINK REMOVED)
  • do more sketches like Fine Art > Concpet Art section (note the spelling error)

my 2¢

Changed the spelling error. I will look into the other suggestions. Thanks allot.

Wow, never much feedback here with regards to portfolio reviews.

I agree, the sketching (love the precise style with construction lines and all that) and CAD work is awesome.

I would love to see more about the process and storytelling for the projects – why there is a need for X, what else is out there that is lacking, how X solves these problems. Also, for many of the ergonomic projects and others (tape dispenser, the four-wheeled cart in the Bunkspeed Shot section), it would be great to see the human interaction (the concept sketches for the Sony Gaming Bag show human use nicely).

However, I’m used to looking at student/recent grad portfolios as opposed to senior IDer portfolios, which are probably presented in a different way. It could be more of the norm for experienced Industrial Designers to show more of the final product and less of the process but I don’t actually know. Other senior IDers and people who hire them should pipe up and please correct me if I am wrong!

I only found what I assume is your website through the second post. The link seems to be missing from the OP or I’m just blind.

I agree the sketches are good. The work in general looks good, but I’m having a difficult time figuring out what it is. There is not a lot of explanation in your project section of what I’m looking at or why its an example of good product design. Maybe it’s a fault of the sites layout, but I miss a cohesiveness to each product. There’s not really any process to follow other than a series of pictures. Maybe just put all of the projects images under each product in the developmental order.

Lastly, I assume the renders are of your own models/designs. I again am not always clear on what they are so some call outs would be nice. I don’t know how impressive hypershot renders are to people these days though. It’s a plug and go program that a lot of people get great results from with minimum effort. I don’t want people to think that here (they look good), but maybe give us some more about what it is. More context to appreciate the work you have.

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Thanks much for the good suggestions. I will continue to make improvements on the layout. Just built it last weekend and will continue to refine.

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