Portfolio review

Hello everyone
My name is Federico, I`m an enthusiast industrial designer base in Uk .
I attached the link of my portfolio.

Any feedback on my work is welcomed.
I am always looking to improve my work!


Hi Federico,

I like your portfolio!
Some good and some bad ideas, your visualizations are great.
Overall your designs work, you have a good feel for proportion and materiality. I would focus more on making more impact conceptually, for example creating more expressive and unique forms, encouraging conversations about your pieces and seeing also how the interaction flow can contribute and how the products communicate themselves.
Also see if you can neatify your English writing, there are lots of spelling and grammatic errors in here.

Ralph has some great feedback above. I agree with what he says. Your core work is strong and you skills are there. nice to see some conceptual exploded views. I think another product that had a really bold, memorable form/color block story that relates to a functional idea, user behavior, or brand persona (or all three) would push it over the top and give you the impact that Ralph mentioned.

Hi Ralph
Thank you so much for your comment are really helpful.
Could you explain which one do you think are good and bad ideas. Is it good to have a different point of view.
And also yes i`m reviewing the English writing.

Thanks a lot

Hi Michael
thank you so much for your suggestion.
At the moment i`m working and developing a new product that could be fixing on you description.
I hope to post some photos soon to see if they are on the right way.