my current portfolio

hey guys this is my current portfolio (made at the end of the first semister of my thirth year)
please check it out and leave your comments

also if you want to use this same site to create it you can easily register at:

Hi Timothy,

I just had a quick look at your portfolio and some of your projects, I did not look at them all.

I have a couple of remarks of things that I noticed.

  • I personally think that your portfolio isn’t visual attractive. There isn’t a clear difference between the navigation menu and your name/logo. I think (hope) you are still working on this.
  • Project Concrete Bench. Nice project and product. I miss a bit of the process from design objective towards the final product, maybe show some sketches and/or models. In your description you mentioned bolting it down (a bit more technical) and it might be nice to illustrate this with your product or sketches; make it visual.
  • Project Rugged Coffee Machine. A bit of the same advice for the other project: show some more process, sketches, etc. I would remove the text about the target group as it is too long and in Dutch. Instead of the text use the images to create a collage or moodboard.
  • Project Think Big. Nice project. I think it would be nice to have a movie or gif-image for this one to demonstrate how it works, because it is difficult to imagine with only the pictures.
  • Renders. You have some nice renders there, I personally like the one with the screws and bearings. I don’t think the quality of all the renders is on the same level (for example the Think Big render in comparison with the Screws render). Try to redo some of the lower quality renders.

Overall you have some really nice projects in your portfolio. Try to show the process of these projects. Next to that try to make your portfolio more visual attractive by working on your layout and style.