Please review my portfolio 2.0

Hello! First of all I want to thank you all for the great advices that you gave me on the fist version of my portfolio back in November 2014! I think that by following them the whole thing took an upgrade and I feel way more satisfied with it now.
This being said I would be sincerely grateful if you guys could check the new version and give me some feedback :wink:

Thank you very much in advance! :slight_smile:

No one? Please guys, share your opinion :wink:

I think your layout looks very nice. IMO your strength is rendering finished slick images as well as attention to graphic layouts that flow, which I like personally. :smiley: I do think you could show more sketching and design process. How your mind solves more than one problem, or multiple ideas. Overall not bad at all.

Hey Damian,

I’ll give you some quick feedback from another student, I’m sure you’ll also get some professional feedback as well.

Initial first two pages are laid out nicely, no complaints.

The title pages are hard to read, they are laid out fine, but if I’m a potential employer you need to hit me with “WHAT IF YOU COULD COMBINE PARKOUR AND LONGBOARDING?” as a first read. Boom, I get it, on to the next page.

The briefing pages are a bit too busy for me, the first priority should be the information, and then the graphics. The graphics are overwhelming me and then you are asking your viewer to read a long paragraph in order to understand the project. How can you convey your brief and project statements with as little words as possible?

The final model shots are nice, but from everything I’ve experienced talking to people in the hiring position it’s not the biggest priority. Whereas the process of how you got to the final designs is the most important. We want to see that you had a large amount of ideas that are completely different from each other and then see your process of how you took those ideas and transformed them into a final design. Right now you’re only displaying one idea in your ideation pages.

So in summary, the visuals are good, but a lot of the process is missing (which is the most important part).

I hope that helps,

Thanks Jboogie941 and apowers! I’ll take into account your advice :wink: