ID at Calgary..

hey team, i’m wondering if anyone has any insight into the Masers ID program at the University of Calgary. i’ve just been accepted into the program, but have heard very little about it, on the boards or otherwise.

for a bit of context, i’m coming from an engineering undergrad and am a canadian citizen (meaning tuition and fees are far lower than the likes of RISD etc… speaking of which actually, they’ve already told me no!)

thanks for any input…

did you apply to Umea in Sweden?

of course! i won’t hear from them for a while though… and i’m not entirely confident in my chances of being admitted there…

sorry not much to report on U calgary.
Other than I’ve heard it’s ok.
I have a friend who transferred there from Carleton university ID, and has finished by now, i’ll try and track him down.

how about that place in the UK? RCA (royal college of art)

i looked at the RCA as well, but didn’t end up applying. Their design products program looked incredible though i definitely wasn’t up to the level of their applicants. They’ve also got a Id program for recovering engineers, but i wasn’t that impressed with the program… not to mention the rather inhibitive tuition…

That’d be great if you could track down the fellow from Calgary…

Are you working in Toronto, or studying at OCA? either way, how have you found the job prospects there?

I’ve found the job prospects in Toronto suck!
I’m not sure if its the ‘economy’ my lack of contacts or just consistent bad timing. But I’ll keep on trying.

I graduated from the Masters in ID program at U of C a year ago and can probably answer any questions you might have. I can also put you in touch with some current students there if you want.

Overall, I think the program is quite good, but it depends what you are looking for. The main strengths of the grads are conceptual thinking, problem-solving, and a well-rounded basic knowledge base. There are some drawbacks to the program though. Many people take forever to finish their masters project and the faculty does not have strong ties to industry (it is in Calgary after all!). If you can’t already draw well you will get some practice but not as much as if you went to Art Centre or somewhere like that. Compared to the price of other ID masters programs in the US, U of C’s is a bargain!

A couple of notable graduates that you may have heard of… Edie Adams at Microsoft and Aurelie Tu who was profiled a few months ago on Core77.