West Coast ID schools in Canada

Hi there,
What is the current status of the ID program at the U of A? ECIAD seems a little to craft based. Looking for a forward thinking school.

I can put you through to one of the professors at ECIAD if you’d like? I just talked to him a few days back, and we are going to meet for drinks when I get to Vancouver in a few weeks

Good school, he said it’s changed the focus since I was there…don’t think it’s so artsy anymore, and trying to really extend it’s vision.

Let me know

I talked to you over email a month or so back

when are you going to be in van? Perhaps we can meet up and you can tear apart my portfolio (or lack there of). I love to discuss what I could and should be doing, what ideas I should develop and what to discard. Anyhoo, let me know. You supply the knowledge, I’ll supply the beer. HAHA…

And to EASTCOASTSTUDENT…I think I’d have to agree with Danger

The students grad project proposals are being presented this week and I’ve seen a few already, they are far from artsy. One group is working on redesigning the washrooms in airplanes to improve their functionality (in partnership with boeing and a seattle design firm). Another is working with zodiac. Looks like there’s some good stuff coming out of the school and I lot of people I have talked to say it is continuing to improve!

Don’t jump to cross it off your list just yet.


Sounds great man, we could totally do that

I’ll be in Vancouver from the 18th of Dec to the 10th of Jan.

Email me back at the same addy you have from before.

Actually going to meet up with my old professor from my ECIAD days when I’m in Van also…now that we aren’t butting heads and trying to kill each other, figured we might as well go get a beer!